Contact Us Survey Finds 4 in 10 Gen Zers Have Experienced Bullying Since... Survey Finds 4 in 10 Gen Zers Have Experienced Bullying Since Returning to the Office

Since companies’ implementation of return-to-office policies, employees have reported instances of bullying and ‘creepy’ behavior, the premier resource for professional resume templates and career advice, has published a recent survey report investigating how returning to the office has affected workplace dynamics. The report also shares insight into perceptual differences between Gen Zers and older generations. Researchers collected and analyzed responses from 557 workers from companies that shifted to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic and now mandate in-office presence at least once a week.

According to survey findings, 30 percent of respondents say their company culture has been toxic following the implementation of the company RTO policy. Data suggests that this sentiment is consistent across different genders and age groups. Additionally, 21 percent of employees have reported instances of bullying, while 28 percent have encountered ‘creepy’ behavior since returning to the office. In this survey, ‘creepy’ behavior was operationally defined as actions or comments that induce discomfort or fear.

While both men and women reported encountering bullying and ‘creepy’ behavior at similar rates, Gen Zers were the most likely group to say they have had these negative experiences since returning to the office. Thirty-eight percent of Gen Zers reported bullying, while 46 percent reported experiencing ‘creepy’ behavior.

“I think Gen Z is more aware of what it [bullying or creepy behavior] looks like than previous generations. Gen Z is self-aware, protective, and well-versed in therapy language,” says¬†Julia Toothacre, Resume Builder’s Resume and Career Strategist. “While older generations were told to just deal with it and rarely went against the organization, Gen Z will leave if they aren’t treated well.”