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Revolutionizing Frontline Communication: Relay Introduces TeamTranslate

Revolutionizing Frontline Communication: Relay Introduces TeamTranslate
Relay’s TeamTranslate™ removes language barriers for frontline teams and helps ease labor shortages

Relay, renowned for its cloud-connected communications & safety platform, unveils TeamTranslate, a game-changing solution for overcoming language barriers in frontline work. Explore how TeamTranslate revolutionizes communication for distributed teams, enhancing productivity and safety.

  1. Addressing Language Barriers:
    • TeamTranslate enables real-time translation of voice and text communication across 25+ languages, empowering frontline teams to communicate effectively regardless of language differences.
  2. Impact of Language Barriers:
    • Nearly 30 million people in the US have limited English proficiency, posing challenges for frontline businesses. Relay’s polls reveal that over 80% of frontline businesses have non-native English speakers on staff, highlighting the need for effective communication solutions.
  3. Seamless Integration:
    • CEO Chris Chuang emphasizes the simplicity and scalability of TeamTranslate, which seamlessly integrates into existing workflows with minimal training required. Leveraging AI technology, TeamTranslate ensures clear and consistent communication for distributed teams.
  4. Customer Testimonials:
    • Organizations like a luxury hotel in Greenville, SC, praise TeamTranslate for its effectiveness in facilitating communication among staff members with diverse language backgrounds. The feature not only enhances productivity but also demonstrates investment in employee well-being and engagement.
  5. Universal Accessibility:
    • TeamTranslate is available on Relay+ devices, the Relay app for iOS and Android, and the web-based dashboard, making it accessible to all frontline team members. The feature automatically translates messages into each recipient’s preferred language, fostering inclusivity and seamless communication.

Experience the transformative impact of Relay’s TeamTranslate in overcoming language barriers and fostering effective communication in frontline work. Empower your teams with seamless real-time translation, enhancing productivity, safety, and employee engagement.