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HomeNewsRowleys Wholesale Boosts Workforce Engagement and Compliance with UKG Ready

Rowleys Wholesale Boosts Workforce Engagement and Compliance with UKG Ready

"Rowleys Wholesale Boosts Workforce Engagement and Compliance with UKG Ready"
Wholesale Distributor Empowers Multigenerational Workforce, Simplifies Compliance Reporting with UKG Ready Suite

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions, announces that Rowleys Wholesale, an automotive wholesale distributor with a century-long legacy, leverages UKG Ready to support its diverse and multigenerational workforce. The AI-powered UKG Ready suite empowers Rowleys Wholesale to streamline operations, enhance employee engagement, and ensure compliance across its growing organization.

  1. Mobile-First Solution for a Diverse Workforce
    • Rowleys employs 100 individuals, including warehouse workers, office staff, drivers, and sales representatives.
    • The mobile-first UKG Ready solution facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration among teams.
    • The platform ensures consistent and engaging experiences, contributing to a 95% new-hire retention rate in the first year.
  2. Enhancing Employee Engagement and Accessibility
    • Employees benefit from 24/7 access to timecards, paystubs, benefit information, and time-off requests via the UKG Ready mobile app.
    • The app boasts a 97% user adoption rate, underscoring its ease of use across different age groups.
    • Anytime-access empowers on-the-move drivers and sales teams to stay connected and access vital information effortlessly.
  3. Streamlining Compliance and Minimizing Risks
    • UKG Ready aids Rowleys in ensuring compliance with federal and state guidelines for commercial drivers, equipment technicians, and warehouse associates.
    • The platform helps mitigate risks associated with DOT, OSHA, and other compliance requirements.
    • Ready serves as a comprehensive resource for learning and compliance training, simplifying complex processes for employees and HR leaders alike.
  4. Succession Planning and Future-Proofing
    • Rowleys leverages UKG Ready for succession planning, identifying potential successors for key roles within the organization.
    • The platform facilitates senior leadership and family succession planning, eliminating the need for third-party consultants and resulting in significant cost savings.
    • As many long-tenured employees approach retirement, Ready assists in making informed decisions about the future leadership of the company.
  5. UKG’s Commitment to Culture and Innovation
    • UKG’s AI capabilities keep Rowleys at the forefront of industry advancements, driving organizational growth and success.
    • UKG prioritizes culture, aligning with Rowleys’ commitment to its people and shared goals.
    • The partnership with UKG equips Rowleys with the necessary tools, support, and information to foster a thriving company culture and drive success.

Rowleys Wholesale, with its century-long legacy in the automotive wholesale industry, demonstrates the power of modern HR technology through its partnership with UKG. By leveraging the AI-powered UKG Ready suite, Rowleys enhances workforce engagement, streamlines compliance, and future-proofs its operations. With UKG’s commitment to innovation and culture, Rowleys Wholesale is well-positioned to navigate its evolving workforce and achieve continued growth and success in the industry.