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Security Systems Provider Scales for Growth with Award-Winning UKG Ready Suite

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people, today announced that EPS Security, a family-owned security systems provider and a UKG customer for nearly a decade, is leveraging the AI-powered UKG Ready suite to build a great place to work for frontline employees and support its long-term growth plans.

EPS Security employs 240 people, most of whom are technicians working in the field to install and service equipment like burglar and fire alarms, access control, and video systems. With the company’s recent expansion into new markets, EPS says the UKG Ready suite designed specifically for leaner HR and payroll teams plays a pivotal role in supporting its growth trajectory and helping connect with current and prospective employees on a more personal level.

“UKG Ready is a perfect fit for our company because we can manage HR, payroll, and employee time in a single solution, which is a big time-saver for a lean but growing team like ours,” said Deb Wolfsen, HR manager at EPS Security. “As our company expands, our workforce will continue to grow, and we know from experience that UKG Ready isn’t just the right fit for today, it will continue to accommodate our business for years to come and help us stay in constant contact with our field-based crews to meet their everyday needs.”

In today’s competitive job market, top-of-mind for EPS is the ability to recruit best-fit job candidates in a way that is quick and easy for applicants, while meeting the company’s cost-to-hire and time-to-hire goals. The organization says UKG Ready named a Leader in small and midsized HCM technology by NelsonHall has transformed that experience, helping attract higher-quality candidates and welcoming them into the EPS family.

“We need to have a strong, branded candidate experience to attract the best talent, and that’s exactly what UKG has given us,” said Wolfsen. “Ready eliminated what is oftentimes a labor-intensive recruiting process and replaced it with a simpler, more engaging experience that makes it easy for candidates to apply from any device. Because the solution is so efficient, we were able to avoid hiring an additional headcount to help with our recruitment efforts as we have continued to grow as a company. I was also able to manage recruiting myself when our HR staff was temporarily reduced, which was a big win for us.”

Another big win for EPS is the ability to effortlessly move candidates from recruiting into hiring and then onboarding within a single solution, so new hires can get trained and into the field quicker than in the past.

“For us as a company, it’s important to have all employee information accessible, in real time, in one system. And, for new hires, it’s critical they only have to log into one system to access all documentation needed to be successful at the very start of their career with us,” said Wolfsen. “Beyond that, with Ready, employees have a one-stop shop for everything from benefits enrollment to performance reviews to pay stubs, which they can access while on-the-job as well as from home, with their families, through the UKG Ready mobile app.”

Knowing the importance of paying people correctly and on time, EPS says the powerful combination of employee timekeeping data and payroll in a single suite has led to quicker and more accurate payroll processing as well as greater confidence and time savings.

“A few years ago, we added payroll to our UKG Ready suite, and the results have been tremendous,” said Wolfsen. “It’s saved our payroll manager two hours of additional work with every payroll period which adds up to more than a whole work week during the year a significant amount of time for a business of our size and we feel confident knowing the data is accurate.”

Bolstered by the power of the UKG Ready suite, EPS prides itself on having the skills, technology, and expertise of a national provider, while being able to deliver the personalized services of a family-owned small business. That same commitment to service is one of the qualities that EPS says makes UKG a perfect fit for its company.

“What sets UKG apart is its company culture and customer experience,” said Wolfsen. “Over the last several years, I’ve attended the UKG Aspire customer conference where I got to see, first-hand, what the company is all about. UKG employees want to be engaged with us and are always there to help, and we’ve experienced that partnership through our various implementations and interactions over the years. You can tell UKG is in it for the long haul and wants to see customers succeed.”

“Investing in both people and technology isn’t just a strategy for growth, it’s the cornerstone of success for small businesses looking to scale and thrive,” said Chris Kiklas, vice president of SMB product management at UKG. “By empowering employees with innovative technology such as UKG Ready, organizations not only enhance efficiency and innovation but also foster a culture of continuous improvement.”