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Sense Ensures Fair Hiring Practices with AI Bias Audit Success

Sense Ensures Fair Hiring Practices with AI Bias Audit Success
Sense AI Products Pass Bias Audit Conducted by Holistic AI

Sense, the leader in AI-driven talent engagement solutions, achieves a significant milestone by completing bias audits for its AI Chatbot and Candidate Matching products. Conducted by Holistic AI, these audits ensure that Sense’s screening features prioritize fair and inclusive hiring practices, empowering enterprises to build diverse workforces confidently.

  1. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
    • Sense’s Director of Product Management, Mithun Gunalan, emphasizes the importance of promoting diverse and inclusive work environments.
    • Rigorous bias audits validate Sense’s dedication to fair hiring practices.
  2. Compliance with New York City Local Law 144
    • Sense’s achievement in bias audits aligns with New York City’s Local Law 144, mandating bias audits for Automated Employment Decision Tools in hiring decisions.
    • Holistic AI’s multi-step process ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Thorough Audit Process
    • Holistic AI’s Co-CEO, Adriano Soares Koshiyama, highlights the collaborative effort in conducting bias audits, utilizing socio-technical interventions for comprehensive assessment.
    • Sense Chatbot and Candidate Matching undergo thorough scrutiny to detect and mitigate bias based on protected characteristics.
  4. Transparency and Compliance Support
    • Audit results are available to Sense customers, promoting transparency in hiring processes.
    • Sense offers support for customers to conduct their own audits, ensuring regulatory compliance and fair hiring practices.
  5. Nationwide Implications
    • Sense’s proactive approach to bias audits sets a precedent for fair hiring practices nationwide.
    • Gunalan emphasizes the importance of due diligence in using AI products for hiring and employment decisions, as similar legislation may be adopted in other jurisdictions.

Sense’s successful completion of bias audits underscores its commitment to fair and equitable hiring practices. By prioritizing diversity and compliance, Sense empowers enterprises to foster inclusive work environments while adhering to regulatory standards. As organizations nationwide prioritize fair hiring practices, Sense sets a benchmark for responsible AI adoption in talent engagement solutions.