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Shiftboard Named an Innovator to Watch by Jobs for the Future for Advancing Workplace Equity with Advanced Scheduling Software

Shiftboard, a pioneer in workforce scheduling software for the manufacturing and energy sectors, has been acknowledged as one of the nine Innovators to Watch in Jobs for the Future’s (JFF) 2024 Market Scan. This recognition highlights Shiftboard’s innovative approach to advancing workplace equity and supporting diverse work-life needs through its advanced scheduling software.

  1. Commitment to Workplace Equity:
    • Shiftboard is honored for its dedication to implementing fair scheduling practices that promote workplace equity and provide equal opportunities.
    • The company ensures fair shift distribution, balanced overtime allocation, and supports diverse work-life needs, resulting in an 86% increase in employee satisfaction and a 16% reduction in turnover for its customers.
  2. Shiftboard’s Advanced Scheduling Solutions:
    • The 2023 State of the Hourly Worker Report by Shiftboard revealed that 78% of shift and hourly workers prefer to select their shifts.
    • With 45% ready to leave due to perceived scheduling unfairness, Shiftboard addresses these concerns with specialized scheduling solutions that cater to diverse needs without compromising on shift coverage or compliance.
  3. Features Promoting Work-Life Balance:
    • Shiftboard’s features like overtime equalization, fair vacation bidding, and mobile shift trading empower employees to manage work-life balance effectively.
    • These capabilities lead to increased workplace satisfaction and foster fair employment practices.
  4. JFF’s Recognition:
    • JFFLabs, the innovation arm of Jobs for the Future, acknowledged Shiftboard for providing flexibility to frontline workers in critical industries like energy and manufacturing.
    • The Innovators to Watch report by JFF explores solutions that enhance recruitment, retention, and advancement opportunities for Black workers, focusing on innovative employer practices and market solutions.
  5. JFFLabs’ Selection Process:
    • JFFLabs vetted over 2,000 companies to identify nine innovators offering solutions that transform systems and remove barriers to workforce access.
    • The report emphasizes support systems for employees lacking access to essential services such as healthcare, transportation, and childcare.

Shiftboard’s recognition as an Innovator to Watch by Jobs for the Future underscores its commitment to promoting workplace equity and supporting diverse work-life needs through advanced scheduling solutions. As modern workforces demand more flexibility and equitable treatment, Shiftboard’s innovative software plays a crucial role in addressing these needs, fostering fair employment practices, and ensuring high levels of employee satisfaction and retention.