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ShiftMed Acquires CareerStaff Unlimited: A Game-Changer in Healthcare Workforce Technology

"ShiftMed Acquires CareerStaff Unlimited: A Game-Changer in Healthcare Workforce Technology"
ShiftMed Acquires CareerStaff Unlimited MSP to Expand Leading Digital On-Demand Nursing Platform

ShiftMed, a leading On-Demand workforce technology platform, has acquired CareerStaff Unlimited from Genesis HealthCare. This acquisition positions ShiftMed as a comprehensive workforce solution for the healthcare industry.

  1. The Acquisition Deal
    • ShiftMed acquires CareerStaff Unlimited from Genesis HealthCare.
    • CareerStaff is a top-performing per diem and contract MSP in healthcare.
    • Seven-year exclusive agreement to serve Genesis across 200 skilled nursing and 1,200 Powerback Rehabilitation locations.
  2. ShiftMed’s All-Encompassing Platform
    • First platform supporting Health Systems in acute, post-acute, and in-home settings.
    • CareerStaff’s MSP enhances ShiftMed’s value proposition to healthcare clients.
  3. Creating an End-to-End Digital MSP
    • Merging ShiftMed’s mobile-first products with CareerStaff’s MSP solution.
    • Todd Walrath, ShiftMed’s CEO, highlights the industry’s first comprehensive digital MSP.
  4. CareerStaff’s Impact on Healthcare Staffing
    • Simplifies staffing management with access to a network of over 1,000 staffing companies.
    • Features like scheduling, credentialing, invoice reconciliation, and fraud control streamline operations.
    • ShiftMed’s “intelligent routing” optimizes agency costs by efficient order distribution.
  5. Genesis HealthCare’s Perspective
    • CareerStaff’s decade-long integral role in Genesis affiliated locations.
    • David Harrington, Genesis CEO, excited about leveraging ShiftMed’s technology for better patient outcomes and staffing efficiency.

The acquisition of CareerStaff Unlimited by ShiftMed marks a significant milestone in healthcare workforce technology. By integrating CareerStaff’s robust MSP capabilities with ShiftMed’s innovative On-Demand platform, they’re setting a new standard for end-to-end digital MSP solutions. This merger promises improved staffing management, cost-efficiency, and enhanced patient care across a broad spectrum of healthcare settings.