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SmartRecruiters and Frasers Group: A Partnership Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

"SmartRecruiters and Frasers Group: A Partnership Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition"
Frasers Group & SmartRecruiters Partnership Slashes Retail Hiring to 10-Day Window

SmartRecruiters, an all-in-one hiring platform, has joined forces with Frasers Group, a leading British conglomerate encompassing iconic sporting, luxury, and retail brands. This transformative partnership has reshaped talent acquisition and management, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and candidate experience.

  1. Redefining Talent Acquisition with SmartRecruiters
    • Frasers Group partnered with SmartRecruiters in 2021 to facilitate targeted recruitment drives and manage candidate volumes effectively.
    • The SmartRecruiters Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enhanced candidate experience through speed, match scores, and communication tools.
    • Streamlined ten-day recruitment process in 2022 recruited approximately 22,000 store-based sales advisors, including 10,000 seasonal hires during Christmas.
    • Significant reduction in recruitment cycle time from circa 23 days to 10 days.
  2. Vision and Perspective from Frasers Group
    • Adam Reynolds, Head of Talent at Frasers Group, emphasizes building careers and stability with a forward-thinking perspective.
    • Reshaping the perception of retail as a viable long-term career option amid industry-wide challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Positive user experience for 4,500 colleagues across 20 countries, addressing language and workflow complexities seamlessly.
  3. Key Highlights of the Partnership
    • Quality of Hire: Achieved highest quality of hires with SmartRecruiters’ hiring match score and quick shortlisting tools.
    • Rapid Hiring: Time-to-hire reduced from 23 days to 13 days within a year, hiring 25,000 people in 2022.
    • Agility and Urgency: Swift engagement with potential employees through rapid communication tools and CRM system.
    • Automation and Efficiency: Utilization of automation for a ten-day hiring process, particularly crucial during peak seasons.
    • Third-party Problem Solving: Custom solutions for challenges, including third-party tools for data validation and right-to-work checks.
    • Internal Talent Mobility: Visibility of career growth opportunities within Frasers Group provided through the ATS platform.
  4. Insights from SmartRecruiters
    • Rachel Phipps, VP of Customer Success at SmartRecruiters, highlights the commitment to empowering organizations with efficient hiring solutions.
    • Tailored solutions addressing unique challenges during seasonal peaks, enabling seamless scaling of hiring.
    • Continuous evolution and growth of tools to enhance human impact in recruitment, with AI complementing human involvement rather than replacing it.

The partnership between SmartRecruiters and Frasers Group stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration in talent acquisition. By leveraging SmartRecruiters’ innovative solutions, Frasers Group has achieved remarkable efficiency gains, quality of hires, and candidate engagement. As both organizations continue to evolve, their shared commitment to enhancing the human aspect of recruitment promises a bright future for talent acquisition in the dynamic retail landscape.