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HomeNewsSoliant Health Elevates Hiring Efficiency with RefAssured's Hire Quality Platform

Soliant Health Elevates Hiring Efficiency with RefAssured’s Hire Quality Platform

Soliant Health Elevates Hiring Efficiency with RefAssured's Hire Quality Platform
Soliant Chooses RefAssured’s Reference Checking Platform in Commitment to Hire Quality

Soliant Health, a premier healthcare staffing company renowned for its commitment to excellence, recently integrated RefAssured’s Hire Quality platform to streamline reference checks. This move underscores Soliant’s dedication to enhancing hiring efficiency and ensuring top-notch candidate quality.

  1. Streamlined Implementation:
    • Despite its complexity, Soliant Health swiftly implemented RefAssured’s platform across its nationwide operations in just one week.
    • The intuitive interface, seamlessly integrated with Bullhorn ATS/CRM, facilitated a smooth transition.
  2. Addressing Industry Challenges:
    • Manual reference checking is arduous and time-consuming, particularly in healthcare staffing.
    • RefAssured’s automation significantly reduces launch time, from one hour to under 10 seconds, easing pressure on recruiters and improving efficiency.
  3. Enhancing Quality of Hire:
    • RefAssured’s proprietary questionnaires provide valuable insights into candidate performance, aiding in predictive analysis and decision-making.
    • The platform’s unobtrusive and scalable nature fosters warm client and candidate relationships, contributing to long-term success.
  4. Impressive Growth and Customer Satisfaction:
    • RefAssured has experienced exponential growth since its inception, with over 500% quarter-over-quarter increase.
    • Remarkably, all customers are highly satisfied, reflecting the platform’s reliability and effectiveness.

Soliant Health’s adoption of RefAssured’s Hire Quality platform exemplifies its commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare staffing. With streamlined processes, enhanced candidate quality, and unwavering customer satisfaction, RefAssured stands as a pivotal partner in Soliant’s journey towards operational excellence and client satisfaction.