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Spendesk announces integration with 40+ HR platforms to provide seamless spend and employee management

New connections include key industry players such as Deel, Personio, Payfit and HiBob

Spendesk, the leading spend management platform, announces the launch of its latest integration with more than 40 HR platforms, including industry giants such as PayFit, Personio, HiBob and Deel. This expansion sets a new standard in seamless financial and employee management, offering unparalleled efficiency and security to businesses worldwide.

With this latest integration, Spendesk streamlines user management by enabling users to be synchronised automatically from the HR platform. As a result, implementation and familiarisation with the expense management solution is much faster, and user data consistency is guaranteed.

  • Rapid onboarding: Easily connect HR tools with Spendesk to securely onboard all employees in minutes, with the flexibility to choose who is added.
  • Automatic user onboarding: New employees added to the linked HR tool will automatically be imported into Spendesk, complete with essential information required for finance.
  • Effortless off-boarding: Automatically archive employees who leave the company, removing access and ensuring a clean and up-to-date user base while maintaining spend history.
  • Continuous synchronisation: Keep employee data in sync with any changes in the HR tool automatically reflected in Spendesk.
  • Advanced user management: Customise which employees are managed through a flexible user filter, with visual indicators for active, manually managed, and out-of-sync members.

Richard Rosenberg, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Spendesk, remarked, ‘With our latest integration to over 40 HR tools, Spendesk is significantly reducing the operational burden and risk our customers face. By automating the provisioning, setup, and deprovisioning of users, we’re reinforcing our commitment to seamlessly integrating Spendesk with our users’ tool stack. We’re delighted to see that this advancement is already leading to streamlined operations and substantial time savings for our customers.’

“Our integration with Spendesk represents an important leap forward in financial efficiency for businesses, and the financial wellbeing of employees. Not only does this collaboration mean time savings for our companies, it gives employees transparency to what happens with your expenses and how it shows on your payslip,” commented Thomas Jeanjean, Chief Operating Officer at PayFit.