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SucceedSmart Wins Top Honors at Globee Awards for Disruptors

SucceedSmart Wins Top Honors at Globee Awards for Disruptors
SucceedSmart Named a Back-to-Back Winner with Two Globee® Awards for Disruptors in Recognition of its AI-Powered Executive Recruitment Platform

SucceedSmart, a trailblazer in AI-driven executive recruitment, celebrates back-to-back victories at the esteemed Globee Awards for Disruptors. These accolades recognize the company’s pioneering contributions to reshaping the future of business across various sectors.

  1. Unveiling the Winners:
    • SucceedSmart clinched top honors in two prestigious categories: Gold in Human Resources Disruptors and Silver in Disruptive Technology Startup.
    • The Globee Awards spotlight disruptive innovations driving transformative change in their respective industries.
  2. Disruptive Recruitment Paradigm:
    • SucceedSmart challenges traditional executive search norms with its AI-powered recruitment platform.
    • The platform leverages a patented accomplishment-based AI matching algorithm, transcending skill-based matching for executive candidates.
  3. AI-Powered Matching Algorithm:
    • Traditional skill-based matching falls short for executive candidates; SucceedSmart’s patented algorithm prioritizes past accomplishments.
    • Drawing from a vast cross-industry dataset, the algorithm identifies best-fit candidates for open executive positions.
  4. Human Expertise Integration:
    • SucceedSmart pairs AI-driven matching with human talent advisors’ expertise.
    • Talent advisors evaluate candidates based on qualifications, cultural alignment, and other criteria, presenting companies with top-tier talent.

SucceedSmart’s consecutive victories at the Globee Awards underscore its transformative impact on the executive recruitment landscape. With an innovative blend of AI technology and human insight, SucceedSmart is redefining industry standards, delivering efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive executive recruitment solutions.