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Survey Reveals: Gen Zers Seek Parents’ Support in Job Search Process

Survey Reveals: Gen Zers Seek Parents' Support in Job Search Process Survey Finds 1 in 4 Gen Zers Brought a Parent to a Job Interview, a leading platform for professional resume templates, presents findings from a recent survey exploring the role of parental support in the job search process among Gen Zers. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive and complex, many young adults turn to their parents for guidance and assistance. This report delves into the extent of parental involvement and the motivations behind it.

  • High Reliance on Parental Assistance: The survey reveals that 70% of Gen Z respondents sought their parents’ assistance during their recent job search, indicating a significant reliance on parental support.
  • Frequency of Assistance: Among those seeking help, responses varied, with 9% reporting “always,” 23% “very often,” 44% “sometimes,” and 24% “rarely” seeking parental assistance.
  • Types of Support: Parents play various roles in their children’s job search, including assisting with job applications (24%), HR screening calls (13%), and accompanying them to in-person interviews (26%).
  • Involvement in Application Process: Interestingly, some Gen Zers have their parents directly involved in the application process, with 24% having parents submit job applications on their behalf.
  • Assistance with Resumes and Cover Letters: A significant portion of respondents (55%) sought help from parents with resume writing, while 49% asked for assistance with crafting cover letters.

Reasons for Parental Assistance:

  • Navigating Complex Job Market: The complexity of the job market, coupled with the abundance of opportunities, prompts Gen Zers to seek parental guidance in understanding company roles and verifying legitimacy.
  • Lack of Formal Work Experience: Many young adults lack formal work experience, making tasks like resume writing and understanding job requirements challenging without parental assistance.
  • Desire for Independence: While seeking parental support, Gen Zers also aim to develop independence and eventually navigate the job market on their own, viewing parental assistance as a stepping stone.

The survey conducted by sheds light on the significant role parents play in supporting Gen Zers during their job search process. From assisting with applications to providing guidance on resume writing, parental involvement is widespread. While parental assistance is valued by young adults, it also reflects the evolving dynamics of the job market and the desire for independence among Gen Zers. As the job market continues to evolve, parental support remains a crucial element in guiding young adults toward career success.