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SynchronyHR, a human resources outsourcing (HRO) firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO and serving clients nationwide, has partnered with UnitedHealthcare®, a leading health insurance provider in the U.S.

Through this partnership, SynchronyHR now offers a national health insurance solution, allowing the organization to expand into new markets and improve healthcare access for clients. Alongside SynchronyHR’s existing employee benefits offerings, such as dental, vision, life, disability, accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity insurance, clients can now gain access to UnitedHealthcare’s extensive medical services including pharmacy, behavioral health, and wellness programs. UnitedHealthcare’s tech offerings, such as Advocate4Me for navigating benefits, UHC Rewards for healthy incentives, and personalized online experiences through and the UnitedHealthcare app, are also available to enhance the overall healthcare experience for its members.

SynchronyHR is uniquely situated to offer these insurance plans for businesses of all sizes due to its co-employment model, and also provides full employee benefits administration services. This includes access to a dedicated team and integrated technology to assist with eligibility, enrollment, billing, reconciliation, member education, claims, and record keeping, all of which help businesses manage the entire process efficiently.

“SynchronyHR’s partnership with UnitedHealthcare is the start of a new chapter for our organization, and a milestone that perfectly captures our growth efforts,” said Kyle R. Kelly, SynchronyHR’s CEO. “With access to new markets and products, SynchronyHR has an opportunity to offer more insurance options to more business owners. Better yet, this robust, cohesive insurance offering is backed by our team of dedicated employee benefits experts. Our benefits portfolio has never been stronger, and I am thrilled for clients to benefit from this UnitedHealthcare partnership.”