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TASC Introduces a New HR Benefit & Continuation Experience for Employers

MyTASC Now Integrates Benefit Accounts & Benefit Continuation Administration… an Industry First!

TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation), a national third-party administrator of employee benefits, announced the release of their new state-of-the-art, cloud-based proprietary Benefit Account and Benefit Continuation administrative system and customer experience.

TASC is excited to be the only third-party administrator to deliver an experience for employers and employees that combines employee benefit accounts with Benefit Continuation offerings (COBRA, Leave of Absence and Retiree Billing) all on one platform, one website and one mobile app.

TASC is an industry leader in benefit account administration, offering employers over 50 employee benefit with their Universal Benefit Account® offering. This includes traditional employee benefits such as HSA, FSA, HRA, Dependent Care, and Transit, combined with the newer lifestyle benefits employees in today’s workforce demand, like Wellness, Education, Pet Care, and Giving Accounts.

Now, with TASC’s Benefit Continuation offerings available on the new MyTASC system, employers and HR professionals can enjoy and offer employees a benefit platform and universal experience to easily manage any employee need, at any life stage, on the same integrated website and top-rated mobile app.

Employers can manage all benefits with a single login, allowing them to simplify their vendor list and eliminate headaches caused by having their employees’ information spread out across multiple systems. It means employers can spend less time navigating various complex platforms and focus on managing their workforce.

“By adding Benefit Continuation offerings like COBRA, Retiree Billing and Leave of Absence to MyTASC, we’ve created a single, consistent, intuitive experience across all devices and services, for HR and employees alike. Employees can access the same mobile app they use to submit reimbursements for their benefit accounts, and now enroll in COBRA and pay their premiums if needed. This creates a seamless benefits ecosystem and brings simplicity to a normally fragmented and complicated process,” said Pam Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer at TASC.

MyTASC eliminates siloed benefit administration for employers by consolidating outsourced HR services with one vendor and one system. TASC’s goal is help employers increase administrative efficiency, improve employee ease of use, and save costs. Reynolds added, “those siloed systems made the addition of new benefits both cost-prohibitive and slow. Worst of all, they did nothing to attract and retain key talent which is a top reason many companies offer benefits in the first place. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the weaknesses of siloed benefits systems into sharper focus. Companies had to adapt to the employee needs created by the physical, mental, and economic stressors of the pandemic and to the shift to remote work within days, not months. But siloed systems were not up to the challenge. A unified benefits and continuation platform that is flexible, integrated, scalable, customizable, and secure, has become a necessity for our clients’ success.”