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Tech Job Postings Surge in May, CompTIA Analysis Reveals

Tech Job Postings Surge in May, CompTIA Analysis Reveals
Tech hiring intent at highest point since last year, CompTIA reporting shows

In May, the quest for technology talent intensified across various sectors, from tech support to AI specialists, according to analysis conducted by CompTIA. The nonprofit association’s examination of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data uncovered significant growth in both tech employment and job postings, signaling a robust demand for skilled professionals in the IT industry.

  1. Tech Sector Employment: Despite a slight slowdown compared to previous months, the tech sector expanded its workforce by adding 2,181 jobs in May. This brought the total number of tech workers to nearly 5.6 million, showcasing continued growth in the industry.
  2. Rise in Job Postings: New job postings for tech occupations surged to 209,000 in May, marking a substantial increase of nearly 27,000 from the previous month. The total number of active tech job postings reached almost 427,000, reflecting a strong demand for tech talent.
  3. Focus on AI Skills: Job postings for AI occupations or roles requiring AI skills continued to climb, totaling more than 26,000 and constituting 12% of all tech openings. This trend underscores the increasing importance of AI expertise across various sectors.
  4. Low Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate for tech occupations dropped to 2.5%, significantly lower than the national rate of 4%. This indicates a favorable job market for tech professionals, with ample opportunities for employment.
  5. Diverse Job Opportunities: A notable finding from CompTIA’s analysis is that 45% of active tech job postings in May did not specify a requirement for a four-year degree. This suggests that employers are expanding their search criteria to attract a more diverse pool of tech talent.
  6. Regional Trends: Several states, including Texas, California, and Illinois, witnessed substantial increases in tech job postings, reflecting a nationwide demand for skilled tech workers. Additionally, various metro markets experienced significant growth in job postings, highlighting the geographical diversity of tech opportunities.

CompTIA’s analysis underscores the thriving demand for technology professionals, with a surge in job postings and a low unemployment rate in tech occupations. Employers are actively seeking talent across a spectrum of tech roles, with a particular emphasis on AI skills. The data also suggests a shift towards more inclusive hiring practices, as evidenced by the decreased emphasis on four-year degrees in job postings.