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The Josh Bersin Company Announces New Offerings to Accelerate HR’s Transition to AI

  • New Josh Bersin Academy Certificate Program and in-depth playbooks and case studies
  • New AI offering Galileo™ available for HR problem solving and education
  • New AI experts to keynote Josh Bersin Company “Irresistible” future of work conference

The world’s most trusted human capital advisory firm, The Josh Bersin Company, today announces the availability of an important extension to its market-leading professional development opportunities and strategic guidance for HR and business professionals. Entitled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR,” this brand-new certificate course is specifically designed to help HR leaders prepare for both the present and future impacts of AI in their work through 4-5 hours of training over five weeks.

In addition to this certificate program, The Josh Bersin Company is introducing a series of AI Playbooks and case studies to educate and inform HR leaders on various HR solutions and implementations. These offerings are available through The Josh Bersin Academy.

This certificate program and content show how AI is transforming talent acquisition, learning and development, talent mobility, and talent intelligence. The course and resources also highlight the vendor landscape and how IT architectures are changed by AI.

The need for this learning is clear from the press headlines: AI is here, but we don’t know what to do about it. In the Josh Bersin Company 43-page HR Predictions for 2024, the firm identifies that practical, working AI is completely transforming products, companies, work, jobs, and every aspect of HR. AI is changing the HR tech stack, the role of HR professionals, and is increasing the urgency to transform operations and is on a par with the other three drivers of change identified: labor shortages, the urgent need to redesign work, and the move from mere employee engagement to employee activation.

The Josh Bersin Company’s next intervention in the AI debate will be key public conversations at the upcoming Bersin Company Irresistible 2024 future of work conference. Global industry analyst and the firm’s CEO, Josh Bersin, will be in dialog with Keith E. Sonderling, Commissioner on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and with a member of the EU parliament.

AI is also something The Josh Bersin Company team understands from practical experience. Last year saw the launch of the organization’s Galileo™ intelligent natural language and LLM (Large Language Model) knowledge assistant. Released into beta at the end of 2023 and built on the highly configurable Sana AI platform, Galileo is making the interrogation of the entire corpus of 25 years of Josh Bersin Company’s intellectual property accessible for time-pressed CHROs. The new AI in HR course reflects many of the AI HR learnings and insights the Galileo development process surfaced.

The AI in HR course complements a growing range of other AI-focused data, research, and Josh Bersin Academy training from The Josh Bersin Company across its professional development and strategic advisory offerings.

Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, said:

“In November ChatGPT celebrated its first birthday, which marked a full year of us studying its use, working with clients, building prototypes, and learning about the uses of AI in HR.

“Great as it is, ChatGPT and LLM are far from the first manifestation of AI in HR we’ve been talking to clients for years about the use of Machine Learning in multiple business scenarios, like talent intelligence, sourcing and recruiting.

“In fact, collectively we’ve racked up 10 years of non-trivial research and reflection on what AI really means to HR. The difference is that now AI is truly at what Malcolm Gladwell dubs ‘the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point’—the tipping point.

“As a consequence, it was our responsibility to our Academy members to completely revitalize all our elearning and training around AI. We want to give members the most up-to-date understanding possible to move ahead with this critically important but widely misunderstood form of workplace and business disruption. As with any new technology, there’s a huge amount of hype, confusion, trepidation, and even fear, around the expanded access and usage of AI. This course will help dissipate that.”