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TriNet Triumphs: Honored with Five Stevie Awards for Excellence

TriNet Triumphs: Honored with Five Stevie Awards for Excellence
TriNet Wins Five Stevie Awards for PeopleForce 2023 and People Matter Campaign

TriNet, a leading provider of human resources solutions, shines at the 22nd Annual American Business Awards with five notable Stevie Awards. This recognition underscores TriNet’s dedication to empowering SMBs through transformative conferences and impactful marketing campaigns.

1. Triumph at TriNet PeopleForce 2023

  • Recognized Excellence: Explore how TriNet’s annual conference, PeopleForce 2023, garnered four Stevie Awards, including two Gold and two Bronze accolades.
  • Focus Areas: Delve into the themes of business resiliency, transformation, agility, and innovation that defined PeopleForce 2023, contributing to its success.

2. Impactful Marketing Campaign: People Matter 2023

  • Elevating SMB Stories: Learn how TriNet’s People Matter advertising campaign, honored with a Bronze Stevie Award, highlighted the human side of SMBs and celebrated American entrepreneurship.
  • Creative Collaboration: Discover the collaborative effort behind the People Matter campaign, featuring captivating visuals captured by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

3. Award-Winning Categories

  • Corporate & Community Engagement: Celebrate TriNet’s Gold Stevie® Awards for Customer Engagement Event and Thought Leadership, underscoring its commitment to fostering meaningful connections.
  • Brand Engagement Excellence: Explore the Bronze Stevie Awards for Brand Engagement Event and Conference, reflecting TriNet’s dedication to creating impactful brand experiences.

TriNet’s remarkable achievement at the American Business Awards reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the HR solutions landscape. By delivering transformative conferences like PeopleForce 2023 and crafting compelling marketing campaigns such as People Matter 2023, TriNet continues to set industry benchmarks and empower SMBs to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.