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Unleashing Potential: MakeShift and EPI-USE Partner to Bring Cutting-Edge Employee Scheduling to SAP Clients Worldwide

The collaboration elevates EPI-USE to the status of a certified delivery partner and reseller for MakeShift’s award-winning staff scheduling technology.

AppColony Inc., known as MakeShift, a leader in workforce management and employee scheduling technology, has announced a strategic partnership with EPI-USE, a premier global IT services firm and one of the world’s leading SAP® specialists. This collaboration elevates EPI-USE to the status of a certified delivery partner and reseller, empowering the company to offer MakeShift’s award-winning staff scheduling technology to shift-based organizations worldwide.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Employee Experience

The combination of MakeShift’s advanced technologies, including its generative AI platform, ShiftMate AI, with EPI-USE’s expertise in SAP implementation, ensures that SAP clients across diverse industries, from healthcare and retail to public sector, have the tools to effectively manage their workforce, meet complex scheduling needs, and achieve new levels of operational efficiency while prioritizing employee well-being.

Expertise and Innovation Combined

Recognized for guiding clients through successful software implementations and change management, EPI-USE’s role as a certified delivery partner and reseller is instrumental in bringing MakeShift’s cutting-edge technology to a global audience. As MakeShift continues to garner accolades, such as its inclusion on G2’s “Top 100 Fastest Growing Products for 2024” list, the synergy between these two companies underscores a shared commitment to offering intuitive scheduling technology that’s easy for users to adopt and integrate into their daily operations. Together, MakeShift and EPI-USE are dedicated to ensuring that clients not only navigate this transformation but thrive through change, leading to improved operational efficiency and high levels of employee satisfaction.

Partnership Highlights:

Global Expansion: Leveraging EPI-USE’s extensive network, the partnership strategically positions MakeShift’s advanced staff scheduling solutions in new markets.

Optimized SAP Integration and User Experience: EPI-USE and SAP clients will benefit from streamlined operations, improved scheduling efficiency, and increased productivity through the seamless integration of MakeShift’s AI-driven scheduling technology. MakeShift’s people-first user interface enriches the user experience (UX) by integrating intuitive design and smart automation directly into its functionality, fostering enhanced user interaction and satisfaction.

Broad Industry Impact: From healthcare and public services to retail, the partnership addresses complex scheduling needs, ensuring access to efficient and employee-centric shift scheduling technologies.

Adam Greenberg, CEO of MakeShift, is excited about the partnership with EPI-USE, stating, “This collaboration addresses the complex scheduling challenges faced by industries worldwide such as fluctuating demands, compliance with labor laws, and the need for flexibility by harnessing AI to boost employee well-being and operational efficiency. With EPI-USE’s deep expertise in SAP integration and its broad network, we’re equipped to scale growth and enhance the effectiveness of workforce management across the globe. Central to our partnership is a dedication to mutual values, focusing on what really matters—enabling our clients and their teams to dedicate themselves to their core missions and values.”

Riaan Vermeulen, Managing Director at EPI-USE echoed the sentiment, “We’re delighted to partner with MakeShift. As a global leader in implementing SAP products, EPI-USE recognizes the importance of complementary solutions and strategic partnerships. MakeShift seamlessly fills a crucial gap in SAP’s new SuccessFactors Time Management solution, enhancing our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients worldwide. This partnership emphasizes our commitment to providing innovative, integrated HR solutions that drive success for our clients.”

The alliance between MakeShift and EPI-USE is centered on delivering a positive transformation in workforce management, characterized by successful implementation, smooth change management, and ultimately, satisfied clients.