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Unlocking Onboarding Success: Insights from ATD Research

Unlocking Onboarding Success: Insights from ATD Research
ATD Research: There Is Room for Improvement in Company Onboarding

ATD’s recent research sheds light on the evolving landscape of employee onboarding, highlighting key stakeholders and evaluation metrics.

  1. Ownership of Onboarding Strategy:
    • While 38% of HR departments lead in planning onboarding strategies, 29% attribute primary ownership to talent development (TD) functions.
    • Managers and individual departments also play significant roles in the planning process.
  2. Implementation Responsibility:
    • 61% of HR departments are primarily responsible for implementing onboarding strategies.
    • Managers (59%) and individual departments (46%) are actively involved in the implementation process.
  3. Effectiveness Measurement:
    • 78% of companies measure the effectiveness of their onboarding programs.
    • Common metrics include employee satisfaction (56%), new hire retention rate (48%), and engagement of new employees (39%).
  4. Manager Training:
    • Despite their crucial role, only 25% of organizations require managers to receive training on onboarding.
    • TD departments provide personal onboarding programs for managers in 36% of organizations, with optional training available in 33% of companies.
  5. Recommendations:
    • The report emphasizes the importance of involving managers from the outset, suggesting personal interaction such as greeting new employees and hosting lunch.

ATD’s research underscores the significance of effective onboarding strategies and the pivotal role of managers in creating a positive experience for new hires. By understanding ownership dynamics and investing in manager training, organizations can enhance employee retention and engagement.