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Unmasking Online Shadows: Corra Group’s Upgraded Social Media Background Checks Helps Clients Protect Their Brand Reputation

As businesses across multiple industries strive to make more informed hiring decisions, Corra Group empowers them with a social media background check solution to better understand a job candidate’s digital footprint.

Corra Group, a leading provider of background screening services, is excited to announce its latest offering in the world of employment screening and background checks: FCRA compliant Social Media Background Screening. This service provides clients with deeper insights into the online activities and behaviors of job candidates, ensuring they hire individuals who align with their employee code of conduct and organizational values.

“In today’s competitive job market, it’s crucial for businesses to make well-informed hiring decisions,” said Nick Gustavson, Cofounder of Corra Group. “An ongoing, annual review of employees’ online presence to track changes also helps create a safe and secure workplace.”

This service allows for customization of filters to align with a company’s unique industry and needs. It scours popular social media platforms and online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more to uncover any red flags, inappropriate content, or behavior that may pose a risk to a company’s image or workplace environment. In addition to providing all user-generated web content, any media (e.g., newspaper articles, press releases, etc.) about the candidate or the candidate’s professional history is reported.

This offering by Corra Group is especially useful when hiring executive candidates, other prospective corporate leaders, and individuals who represent an organization within the public arena. This comprehensive approach to background checks empowers organizations to mitigate potential risks associated with misconduct, workplace harassment, and potential impacts to company brand.

“By extending our screening capabilities to the digital realm, we aim to equip our clients with the insights they need to create a safer, more secure, and productive work environment,” says Gustavson. “We do this while remaining focused on providing the best possible hiring experience for candidates.”