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HomeNewsVisier Partners with The Josh Bersin Company to Enhance HR Benchmarking Capabilities

Visier Partners with The Josh Bersin Company to Enhance HR Benchmarking Capabilities

Visier Partners with The Josh Bersin Company to Enhance HR Benchmarking Capabilities
Visier Extends the Impact of its Workforce Benchmark Data Through a Partnership with The Josh Bersin Company

Visier, a leader in people analytics and workforce solutions, announced at Irresistible 2024: The Global Conference for HR Leaders and Their Teams that it will provide two of its industry benchmark data sets to The Josh Bersin Company’s corporate members. This collaboration aims to empower HR professionals with advanced benchmarking tools to improve workforce management and drive business growth.

  1. Unmatched Workforce Benchmark Data:
    • Visier’s data, compiled over 14 years, includes over 21 million aggregated and de-identified employee records from major global companies across diverse industries.
    • This comprehensive data set offers unparalleled insights into workforce metrics, such as voluntary turnover and span of control.
  2. Access via Galileo™:
    • The Josh Bersin Company’s corporate members, totaling over 7,000, can access Visier’s benchmark data through Galileo, an AI Assistant designed to facilitate quick and easy access to HR best practices and data.
    • Galileo enables users to query detailed metrics and receive tailored advice and best-practice recommendations.
  3. Strategic HR Insights:
    • HR professionals can leverage Visier’s benchmarks to compare their organization’s performance against industry standards.
    • Metrics available include employee turnover rates by industry, tenure, gender, and manager status, as well as manager-to-employee ratios in various industries.
  4. Practical Applications:
    • For instance, a healthcare leader can query Galileo about high turnover rates within their team. Galileo will provide comparative benchmarks and offer practical advice on addressing turnover, including management tips and relevant case studies.
    • This functionality allows HR professionals to diagnose issues accurately and implement informed, strategic solutions.

Leadership Perspectives:

Jake Sorofman, Chief Marketing Officer at Visier, emphasized the importance of understanding the interplay between people and business performance. “We believe that employees are the linchpin to achieving profitable growth for any organization,” Sorofman stated. “This partnership with The Josh Bersin Company will broaden the reach of our benchmark insights, significantly impacting HR teams globally.”

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, highlighted the strategic value of benchmarking in HR. “By welcoming Visier to the Galileo Trusted Content Partners Program, we are excited to provide high-quality industry benchmarks,” Bersin said. “This partnership will equip HR professionals with the tools to understand their challenges better and implement effective solutions.”

The partnership between Visier and The Josh Bersin Company represents a significant advancement in HR analytics and benchmarking. By providing access to Visier’s extensive benchmark data through Galileo, HR professionals can make data-driven decisions to enhance workforce management and organizational performance.