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WILL Interactive Launches Complimentary Customization Toolkit

WILL Interactive, the leading provider of proven-effective immersive story-based training solutions, is proud to introduce its latest innovation: the Customization Toolkit. This easy-to-use toolkit enables organizations to tailor WILL training programs to address their unique needs, brand identity, culture, and policies.

In today’s fast-paced world, training must engage employees and resonate with their workplace realities and experiences. WILL’s award-winning courses have already been recognized for their excellence in delivering immersive, story-based content that keeps learners captivated. Now, with the Customization Toolkit, organizations can take this learner engagement to the next level by personalizing the training experience like never before.

Key features of the Customization Toolkit include:

Brand Customization: Add branding elements, tweak language, and create links to your organization’s resources and policies to make the training uniquely yours and maximize its positive impact.  The new WILL Customization Toolkit allows you to:

  • Include your organization’s logo
  • Apply your corporate color scheme
  • Upload an introduction video
  • Edit any text screen in any way you wish
  • Add headings and bulleted or numbered lists
  • Create links to external resources and policies
  • Delete a screen and start fresh with your own words

Ease of Use: The Toolkit offers a modern, intuitive user experience, making it effortless for administrators to apply edits and for learners to navigate the courses.

“Everyone knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all training solution. Now organizations no longer have to choose between off-the-shelf training that doesn’t quite fit their needs and expensive custom developed training.  With the Customization Toolkit, training can be tailored to reflect each organization’s culture and objectives in real time and at no cost,” emphasizes Sharon Sloane, CEO of WILL Interactive.

WILL Interactive’s premier courses, including DEI, Harassment Prevention, Workforce Safety, Cybersecurity, and many others can now be customized to feel like they were built specifically for each organization.

As organizations navigate an increasingly complex landscape, customizable training becomes  essential for driving meaningful learning outcomes,” says Sharon. “Our complimentary Customization Toolkit empowers organizations to create training experiences that truly resonate with their employees, fostering engagement and measurably improving both individual and organizational performance.”