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Workday Unveils New AI Innovations and AI Marketplace at DevCon 2024

Workday Unveils New AI Innovations and AI Marketplace at DevCon 2024
Workday Turbocharges Its Partner and Developer Ecosystem with New Workday AI Capabilities

Workday, Inc., a leader in enterprise solutions for managing people and finances, announced groundbreaking AI innovations at its fourth annual developer conference, Workday DevCon 2024. These new offerings aim to simplify intelligent app development for developers and partners while providing customers with streamlined access to AI solutions through the new Workday AI Marketplace.

1. Overview of Announcements:

  • Event: Workday DevCon 2024, attended by over 1,200 participants, showcased the latest AI developments.
  • Growth: Both the Workday developer ecosystem and DevCon attendance have grown by more than 50% since last year.

2. Enhancements to Workday Extend:

  • Workday AI Gateway: New AI services unveiled, enhancing skills analysis and document intelligence.
  • Intelligent Answers: Uses generative AI to provide answers from documents through natural language queries.
  • HCM Recommender: Recommends workers based on profile and job data using machine learning, aiding in career growth and team development.
  • Data Query: Simplifies data querying in Workday through natural language input.

3. Launch of Workday AI Marketplace:

  • Purpose: Centralizes AI solutions from Workday and partners, offering trusted and vetted AI tools.
  • Availability: Over 15 AI partner solutions addressing various business needs such as accounting, fraud detection, and recruiting.
  • Benefit: Streamlines business processes and enhances decision-making, saving time and resources for customers.

4. Developer Tools and Activities:

  • 24-Hour Hackathon: Developers will experiment with new AI services and use Workday Extend Developer Copilot.
  • Developer Copilot: Embedded in App Builder, this tool uses generative AI for natural language search, chat, and text-to-code generation, boosting productivity and reducing time-to-value.

5. Statements from Leadership:

  • Matt Grippo, SVP, Core Software, Workday: “We are leading the enterprise AI revolution by enabling AI innovation for our customers and partners.”
  • Damien Taylor, CTO, Workday Practice, Kainos: “Workday AI Marketplace makes it easy to find responsible AI solutions and co-innovate with trusted partners.”

6. Availability:

  • Workday AI Gateway: Available with Workday Extend Professional.
  • Early Adopter Access: Intelligent Answers, HCM Recommender, and Data Query will be available to early adopters this month. Workday Extend Developer Copilot will be available to early adopters next month.

Workday’s latest AI innovations and the introduction of the AI Marketplace mark a significant step forward in AI-powered talent and financial management. By empowering developers and providing customers with easy access to AI solutions, Workday continues to lead the way in enterprise AI adoption. Attendees of Workday DevCon 2024 are set to gain valuable insights and tools to drive efficiency and innovation within their organizations.