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WorkForce Software Achieves First REP-P Certification for Global Workforce Management Solutions in Brazil

WorkForce Software, renowned as the #1 rated workforce management solution for large employers, has pioneered the industry by achieving the first Point Registration Treatment Program (REP) REP-P Certification for global employers in Brazil. This certification enables global enterprises to maintain compliance with Brazil’s local labor regulations while benefiting from WorkForce Software’s comprehensive global workforce management solution.

  1. Pioneering REP-P Certification in Brazil:
    • WorkForce Software is the first workforce management software provider to offer REP-P Certification to global employers with operations in Brazil.
    • The REP-P Certification supports compliance with Brazil’s Ordinance 671 and ensures lawful labor practices, which are crucial for companies with deskless workers.
  2. Supporting Brazil’s Regulatory Framework:
    • Brazil’s Ordinance 671 outlines guidelines for the registration of employee work hours and categorizes timekeeping systems under REP-A, REP-C, and REP-P.
    • WorkForce Software supports all these regulations, providing companies with payroll accuracy, labor dispute resolution, and overall operational effectiveness.
  3. CEO Statement – Jeff Moses:
    • “With over 65% of Fortune 500 corporations operating in Brazil, supporting these regulations was paramount for us,” said Jeff Moses, CEO of WorkForce Software.
    • WorkForce Software’s REP-P certification ensures multinational enterprises adhere to local regulations, mitigating the risk of penalties and legal complications.
  4. Expanded Regulatory Compliance:
    • WorkForce Time and Attendance, already compliant with REP, now offers expanded regulatory compliance with REP-P Certification.
    • Clock solutions like WorkForce WebClock, Suite Clocks, and Suite Mobile Clocks are the first to receive REP-P certification, providing secure and convenient timekeeping across devices and locations.
  5. Increasing Market Demand:
    • WorkForce Software continues to attract net new customers, indicating a growing market demand for global workforce management solutions.
    • Large enterprises are increasingly seeking solutions that address compliance challenges and regional requirements, making WorkForce Software’s offerings highly relevant and valuable.

WorkForce Software’s achievement of the REP-P Certification signifies its commitment to innovation and compliance in the global workforce management landscape, particularly in Brazil. As large enterprises grapple with increasing compliance challenges and regional labor requirements, WorkForce Software’s solutions offer a reliable and comprehensive way to ensure adherence to local regulations while optimizing workforce management processes.