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WorkForce Software Announces 2024 Partner Excellence Awards Winners

WorkForce Software Announces 2024 Partner Excellence Awards Winners
WorkForce Software Announces Partner Excellence Award Winners: Accenture, EPI-USE, Intelligenza IT, and SAP SuccessFactors, as Growing Demand for Workforce Management Technology and Global Expansion Continue in 2024

WorkForce Software, the leading workforce management solution, recently honored its top partners at the VISION 2024 Ignite Conference. The Partner Excellence Awards recognize partners’ commitment to enhancing workforce management solutions.

  1. Overview of WorkForce Software’s Partner Network:
    • WorkForce Software’s global network spans diverse industries.
    • Focus on human capital management (HCM) and workforce digitization.
  2. Importance of WorkForce Management in Today’s Landscape:
    • Managing compliance regulations.
    • Improving employee retention and engagement.
    • Bridging the employee experience gap, especially for frontline workers.
  3. 2024 Partner Excellence Award Categories and Winners:
    • Innovation Partner of the Year: EPI-USE recognized for innovative solutions and collaboration.
    • Global System Integrator Partner of the Year: Accenture awarded for global excellence and client success.
    • Regional Software Implementation Partner of the Year: Intelligenza IT honored for exceptional implementations in Latin America.
    • Reseller Partner of the Year: EPI-USE celebrated for software sales and implementation.
    • Channel Partner of the Year: SAP SuccessFactors acknowledged for global strategic alliance and product integration.
  4. Partner Contributions to WorkForce Software’s Growth:
    • Partners’ role in meeting the rising demand for WorkForce Software solutions.
    • Ensuring successful global customer implementations.
  5. Quotes from WorkForce Software’s Senior Vice President, Brett Walker:
    • Acknowledgment of partners’ dedication and value delivery.
    • Congratulations to winners for driving industry excellence.

The 2024 Partner Excellence Awards by WorkForce Software celebrates the outstanding contributions of partners like EPI-USE, Accenture, Intelligenza IT, and SAP SuccessFactors. Their commitment to innovation, client success, and workforce digitization plays a pivotal role in advancing the industry. WorkForce Software extends heartfelt congratulations to these partners for their exceptional efforts and dedication.