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YOOBIC Partners with UKG to Enhance Frontline Employee Experience

YOOBIC, an AI-powered frontline employee experience platform, has announced a strategic technology partnership with UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions. This collaboration aims to combine YOOBIC’s innovative employee communication, microlearning, and task management capabilities with UKG’s staff scheduling and time management features, enhancing operational efficiency and empowering frontline teams.

  1. Partnership Overview
    • YOOBIC collaborates with UKG to offer integrated solutions for enhanced employee experiences.
    • Combining YOOBIC’s AI-powered platform with UKG Pro Workforce Management.
  2. Integration Benefits
    • Tight-knit integration of employee communication, microlearning, task management, staff scheduling, and time management.
    • Boosts operational efficiency and empowers frontline teams.
  3. Quote from YOOBIC’s CEO
    • Fabrice Haiat emphasizes the importance of equipping frontline employees with digital tools.
    • Partnership with UKG simplifies operational and HR processes, driving profitability and growth.
  4. UKG’s Technology Platform
    • UKG solutions developed on the FleX platform, supporting great workplaces.
    • FleX Flow, an adaptable API framework, anchors UKG solutions in the flow of work.
  5. Quote from UKG’s Vice President of Technology Partnerships
    • Mike May highlights the value of partnerships like YOOBIC in extending capabilities and enhancing workplace experiences.
  6. Addressing Retail Priorities
    • Forrester’s report highlights key actions to accelerate time-to-market in retail.
    • YOOBIC and UKG partnership aligns with these priorities by providing a digital workplace for frontline teams.
  7. Key Benefits of Collaboration
    • Digitized operations and streamlined processes.
    • Enhanced employee engagement through mobile learning and communication tools.
    • Real-time visibility and analytics for data-driven decision-making.
  8. Availability
    • YOOBIC platform offering available directly through the UKG marketplace for UKG customers.

The partnership between YOOBIC and UKG signifies a significant advancement in enhancing frontline employee experiences. By integrating YOOBIC’s AI-powered platform with UKG’s workforce management solutions, businesses can streamline operations, boost employee engagement, and make data-driven decisions. This collaboration directly addresses the priorities of the retail industry and offers a comprehensive digital workplace solution for frontline teams.