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Zensai Integrates with 60+ HR Platforms to Enhance Employee Engagement and Performance

Zensai Integrates with 60+ HR Platforms to Enhance Employee Engagement and Performance
Zensai Unveils New Integrations with 60+ HRIS and HCM Systems Including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Workday, and More to Drive Greater Business Results and Lower TCO

Zensai, the AI-powered learning, employee engagement, and performance management platform integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams, has announced its Human Success Platform’s integration with over 60 industry-leading HRIS and HCM platforms. This includes Oracle, SAP, Workday, Bamboo HR, HiBob, and Personio, enabling seamless connectivity between HR compliant data and Zensai’s talent development tools.

Enhancing HR Operations with Integration
  • Comprehensive Integration: Zensai now integrates with over 60 HRIS and HCM platforms, allowing customers to connect HR data with Zensai’s suite of tools (Learn365, Engage365, Perform365).
  • Seamless Connectivity: These integrations automate synchronization of employee data, including performance and skills data, across HR platforms and Zensai products.
AI-Powered Learning and Development
  • AI Features: The platform includes an AI coach and assistant, enabling AI course generation from text, quiz generation from video, and skills generation from text.
  • Personalized Pathways: Every employee receives customized learning and skill development pathways, enhancing personal and professional growth.
Strategic Benefits for HR Leaders
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Zensai empowers HR teams to drive efficiency and effectiveness in learning and development programs.
  • Human-First Approach: The platform fosters meaningful connections and learning experiences, emphasizing a people-first approach to HR operations.
Leadership Insights and Vision
  • Commitment to Innovation: Andrew Roberts, EVP of Product at Zensai, highlights the company’s commitment to creating inclusive and dynamic work environments optimized for organizational success.
  • Transforming HR Operations: The integration with industry-leading HR platforms aims to revolutionize traditional HR operations, providing comprehensive and dynamic talent development solutions.
Early Access and Upcoming Events
  • Exclusive Early Access: Zensai customers and partners can join the waitlist for early access to the data sync feature between HRIS platforms and Zensai.
  • CIPD Festival of Work: Zensai will exhibit and lead sessions at the CIPD Festival of Work in London, focusing on revolutionizing HR operations with a people-first approach.

Zensai’s integration with over 60 HRIS and HCM platforms marks a significant advancement in enhancing employee engagement and performance management. By leveraging AI-powered tools and seamless data synchronization, Zensai is set to revolutionize HR operations, offering comprehensive, personalized, and efficient talent development solutions for modern organizations.