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NEXT Insurance and Gusto Expand Partnership to Modernize Embedded Payroll Experience

First-of-its-kind embedded experience streamlines workers’ compensation insurance and payroll functions within one platform

NEXT Insurance, a leading digital insurtech transforming small business insurance, today announced its expanded partnership with Gusto Embedded. The strengthened partnership will exclusively offer NEXT’s pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation to the small business customers of Gusto Embedded partners through NEXT’s industry-leading, fully embedded insurance solution, NEXT Connect. Users can benefit from NEXT’s technologically advanced, in-house pay-as-you-go offering for workers’ compensation which enables better cash flow management for small businesses and ensures they only pay for the coverage they need. This solution marks the first time workers’ compensation insurance is being offered through an embedded payroll experience.

Available now, small business owners can get a free quote within minutes and sign up for a pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation policy to protect their businesses from unexpected expenses, all within the third-party SaaS platforms, taking advantage of this unique embedded fintech partnership.

“NEXT and Gusto Embedded unite under the shared goal of supporting small businesses across the U.S. with the tools they need to simplify two of the most complex functions they’ll face at work: insurance and payroll,” said Eran Liron, Chief Strategy Officer at NEXT Insurance. “Offering this digital embedded payroll experience together with Gusto allows us to streamline this process, making it easier and more convenient for small business owners to stay compliant and protect themselves, all from the partners they trust most.”

With NEXT Connect, signing up for workers’ compensation can be seamlessly integrated into a third-party software at the time of payroll onboarding or elsewhere in the user interface. This enables more contextual offers for payroll and workers’ compensation based on customer data or activity, including in-app notifications about the next steps that should be taken once you’ve hired your first employee. NEXT and Gusto Embedded’s partnership enables a more convenient way for small businesses to stay compliant and protect themselves.

“Allowing small businesses to access reliable payroll and pay-as-you-go workers’ comp products embedded in the software solutions they use already saves them time, reduces errors, and gives them peace of mind,” said Yi Liu, General Manager of Gusto Embedded. “The expanded solution with NEXT allows our partners to offer small businesses workers’ compensation seamlessly and quickly, while also advancing our goal of helping businesses create great places to work and helping our partners grow revenue.”