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Noyo Debuts Simpler, Faster Integration Experience for Benefits Software Platforms

New Method Enables Benefits Innovation Across the Industry with a Faster, More Seamless Transition to Noyo

Noyo, the leader in benefits data management, today announced its new integration experience for benefits software platforms. This launch makes it easier than ever to scale real-time connectivity with insurance carriers through a single API connection. Benefits software platforms can now get to market with a leading enrollment experience in dramatically less time than it typically takes to build direct or EDI-based connections with a single insurance carrier.

“Noyo is committed to providing simple solutions that allow any benefits software company to build dynamic, user-centric benefits experiences. In service of our commitment to simplicity, we saw an opportunity to further remove complexity for our users with our new APIs,” said Shannon Goggin, CEO and co-founder of Noyo. “Now, any company can take advantage of our enhanced capabilities to connect with insurance carriers and power their business with live benefits data, regardless of whether they’re established or new to our space.” 

At the heart of the new process is how Noyo accepts data from benefits software partners, including member, dependent, demographic, and coverage changes. Named the ‘member snapshot’ method, this upgrade makes sending member changes even faster for benefits software platforms. No matter the enrollment scenario, the answer is always to send a member snapshot. Doing so is intuitive, as connected partners simply send the full state of a family’s enrollments from their database and let Noyo handle the rest.

This simplicity makes a Noyo integration accessible to anyone, whether a long-established software company used to building EDI files or an up-and-coming solution with developers who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of benefits administration. 

The new format also unlocks a rich set of capabilities beyond processing enrollments, like immediately amending data, making member changes that aren’t easily categorizable, automatic detection of changes being requested, and detailed and trackable statuses for each change.     

Noyo continues to address the significant market need for a standardized, repeatable way to connect and exchange data with insurance carriers. Benefits software platforms also enjoy peace of mind knowing that Noyo validates changes against its own checks and the carrier’s business logic (in addition to providing round-trip confirmation to catch discrepancies), and provides intuitive tools for managing connected groups.