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Noyo Unveils Command Center for Benefits Software Platforms

New User Interface Replaces Existing Dashboard with Feature-Rich Functionality and No-Code Workflows for Managing Enrollments Through Noyo

Noyo, the leader in benefits data management, today launched the Command Center, a first-of-its-kind interface that gives HR and ben-admin software platforms full visibility and control of their enrollment data, all in one easy to navigate place. Typically, this data is trapped in siloed EDI files, spreadsheets, email chains, and black box insurance systems that make it difficult to access key information about an employee or group’s insurance coverage.

With the Command Center, ben-admin operations teams have a single source of truth for enrollment in one, central place, making it faster and easier to respond to customer inquiries; proactively identify and resolve data discrepancies; and manage technical processes without relying on engineers. Unlike other solutions that provide a limited view of enrollment data, the Command Center offers ben-admins a complete picture of every group, employee, and their coverages including real-time enrollment statuses and member change histories.

Whether ben-admins are looking to improve existing operations tools or need a solution out-of-the-box, Command Center delivers new capabilities and insights with enrollment data.

The Command Center is powered by the Noyo Enrollment Engine™, which continuously cleans, audits, and transmits member data so it stays up to date between ben-admin and carrier systems. While ben-admin platforms have always been able to access Noyo data to power their own tools and product experiences, with the Command Center they can now get a powerful suite of tools right out of the box no code required.

“With the Command Center, benefits software platforms have everything they need at their fingertips to manage enrollments with full transparency and control,” said Shannon Goggin, CEO and co-founder of Noyo. “No more wasted time sorting through portals, spreadsheets, and email chains. Just a single source of truth that lets anyone get a detailed, near real-time view of every member enrollment, regardless of their technical skills. It’s a fantastic example of how Noyo is using technology and great design to solve the benefits industry’s toughest challenges in an elegant, accessible way.”

The Command Center is part of Noyo’s complete enrollment solution, a technology suite that enables ben-admins to offer a seamless enrollment experience, quickly expand their carrier network, and automate manual work.

Here’s how ben-admins are using the Command Center today:

  • A bird’s eye view of all enrollment data. The Command Center provides on-demand access to normalized plan, demographic, and change information for every group and employee across all connected carriers.
  • Discrepancy management and issue prevention. Noyo automatically surfaces mismatches between ben-admin and carrier data; the Command Center then displays each discrepancy with all the information needed to resolve issues.
  • Streamlined ticket triage. Any group or member can be found through a simple search, as well as near real-time statuses for every change that’s being processed through Noyo. Detailed change histories provide further detail on any issues with open tickets.
  • Track high-priority groups and members. Important groups, members, or filtered lists can be saved as items to the sidebar in the Command Center for quick access. 
  • No-code workflows. Operations teams can do more without engineering support, including connecting groups to new coverage, removing groups no longer being managed, and troubleshooting issues, all with simple, no-code workflows.
  • Developer tools. Engineers can use the Command Center to generate new API keys for sandbox and production testing, check on test groups during the build process, and investigate enrollment issues once live.