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OneTen Releases 2022 Impact Report, Emphasizing the Power of Skills-First Hiring

Report highlights how the coalition is accelerating the skills-first movement and catalyzing opportunities for talent without a four-year degree

OneTen, a coalition of leading executives and companies committed to hiring, promoting and advancing one million Black individuals and others without four-year degrees into family-sustaining careers, today released its second annual Impact Report, “Empowering the Future Workforce.” The report articulates how embracing skills-first hiring is crucial to the future of work, the economy and the country by helping organizations harness the power of diversity, attract and retain top talent, cultivate resilience, enhance employee engagement and achieve market advantage.

An estimated four million jobs today can be re-credentialed to remove the requirement for a four-year college degree, unlocking an untapped talent pool of skilled, diverse candidates. Yet, it’s estimated that as many as 50 to 60 percent of all jobs in the United States require one, including 79 percent of jobs paying $60K and above. However, 65 percent of Americans are without a four-year degree, and when it comes to Black talent, the numbers are even higher: 76 percent of Black adults aged 25 and above do not have a four-year degree.

Read the full 2022 OneTen Impact Report.

In response to this challenge, OneTen has been driving a skills-first movement with and for companies that believe in a more equitable and inclusive future workforce. By the end of 2022, OneTen increased membership to 65 companies, championed more than 66,000 OneTen hires and more than 22,000 promotions, and generated OneTen jobs in more than 3,000 cities across the U.S. Additionally in 2022, OneTen:

  • Expanded to North TexasRaleigh and Durham, NC, and launched in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Philadelphia.
  • Expanded its Career Marketplace platform to the public with more than 1,300 active job seekers, closing 2022 with 40,000+ cumulative job openings and 23,000+ users.
  • Built a powerful network of dozens of endorsed talent developers and talent partners to provide essential skills training, professional development and credentialing opportunities to talent without four-year degrees.
  • Awarded more than 2,000 scholarships to Black talent in partnership with Udacity and the Blacks in Technology Foundation to help job seekers enhance their skills in areas such as business analytics, digital marketing and web development.

“The work we’re doing at OneTen has a ripple effect. By aggregating family-sustaining jobs across the largest employers in the country for individuals without a four-year degree, we’re not only helping Black talent and others secure a job, but giving them the opportunity to build wealth,” said Debbie Dyson, CEO of OneTen. “That is the difference that will end the opportunity gap and put the American dream within reach for the millions of people to whom it has historically and systemically been denied.”