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Patriot Software Brings Enhanced Manager Permissions to HR and Time & Attendance Software

Patriot Software releases enhanced manager permissions to its HR software and Time & Attendance software add-ons.

Patriot Software, a leading provider of cloud-based accounting and payroll software solutions, announces the addition of enhanced manager permissions in their HR software and Time & Attendance software add-ons. With these new features, businesses can now assign specific permissions to managers, providing them with controlled access to their direct and indirect reports’ employee information and streamlined time card management.

This latest update to the Patriot Software payroll add-ons empowers HR teams and managers with control and flexibility in overseeing their workforce. Customers utilizing the HR software add-on can assign permissions to view essential employee data, including the employee list, contact information, emergency contact information, and pay details of both direct and indirect reports. This allows efficient and secure access to pertinent information necessary for effective workforce management and decision-making.

Additionally, the Time & Attendance software add-on now enables admins to assign granular permissions for time card management. Managers with selected permissions can view, approve, nudge, edit, or reject time cards, streamlining the time card approval process and reducing administrative burden all from within their employee portal. With these enhanced permissions, managers can ensure accurate and timely attendance tracking, increasing operational efficiency and reducing payroll errors.

“We are thrilled to introduce manager permissions in our HR and Time & Attendance software,” said Amie Scarpitti, Product Manager at Patriot Software. “By enabling managers to assign permissions for accessing critical employee information and time management tasks, employers and HR administrators can empower managers to make informed decisions while saving valuable time.”

Patriot Software’s HR and Time & Attendance software are both add-ons to either Basic Payroll or Full Service Payroll, which recently released payroll permissions. The addition of these manager permissions further enhances the software capabilities, ensuring businesses have the necessary tools to manage their workforce effectively.