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Paycor Strengthens Talent Platform with AI-Generated Job Description Feature Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Newest Offering Automates the Process of Creating Job Descriptions, Optimizing the Talent Acquisition Process for Leaders 

Paycor HCM, Inc. , a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) software, today announced the release of its new AI-generated Job Descriptions tool powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service. Coupled with Paycor Smart Sourcing, the new feature helps optimize talent acquisition by sourcing high-quality and diverse candidates.

Developing job descriptions is a time-consuming, manual process that can take leaders hours to create. Paycor’s new offering is projected to reduce time required to generate a job description by at least 90%. With the current competitive landscape, organizations are struggling to hire and retain top talent, making the creation of job descriptions that are engaging even more critical for success, as 52% of job seekers say the quality of a job description is very or extremely influential on their decision to move forward with applying.

“The implementation of AI-powered job descriptions is Paycor’s newest offering in its AI toolset and another strategic differentiator of our talent platform,” said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer of Paycor. “This incorporation of generative AI provides leaders and recruiters the ability to quickly generate job descriptions that attract and hire top talent, helping businesses of all sizes save time and money on hiring, and helping to ensure they are attracting the right individuals for each job.”

In addition to further reducing time to source and hire quality candidates, Paycor’s new offering also helps companies retain talent. 43% percent of people say their role doesn’t meet the expectations that had been set. Starting the hiring process with a performant job description allows the right talent to apply with clear roles and responsibilities outlined, ultimately leading to better engagement through the employee lifecycle.