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PlanSource Announces Seven New Partners Joining the Partner Marketplace in Q1 2023

Seven new partners have been added to the Partner Marketplace to assist HR teams in creating a diverse portfolio of enhanced benefits offerings

PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration technology, announced today that seven additional employer benefits providers have joined the company’s Partner Marketplace — a curated list of best-fit partners designed to maximize HR and broker efficiency, employee engagement and plan participation.

As economic conditions create uncertainty this year, benefits are only accelerating in importance to employees and their families. Thus, it is crucial that HR leaders and employers strategically expand their benefits offerings and stay on top of trends to support their workforce. To retain and attract talent, it’s important that employees feel supported – in and out of the office. Employers can do this by providing a curated portfolio of lifestyle benefits, voluntary benefits and point solutions. It can be overwhelming to decide where to begin; that is why PlanSource has built an assessment tool to recommend solutions and providers from the Partner Marketplace.

PlanSource is proud to partner with employer benefit solutions across more than forty categories within the Marketplace. The newest partners include a wide range of vendors across financial wellness, mental health, dental and virtual primary care.

The new partners joining the Partner Marketplace in Q1 include:

  • AllyHealth – AllyHealth is a virtual care platform connecting members to mental health professionals, doctors, specialists, coaches, health advocates, cost transparency and savings tools, and more. AllyHealth delivers industry-leading engagement, utilization, savings, and ROI for their partners and clients while taking the burden of administration off your shoulders through their comprehensive suite of virtual care services, flexible technology, dedicated account management, and Guaranteed Engagement System™.
  • Employer DDS – Employer DDS helps companies of all sizes deliver affordable and transparent dental benefits to their employees, with employer subsidies starting at $3 and no minimum requirements on enrollments. Employees can then take these subsidies and shop for all-inclusive preventative dental plans provided directly by local dentists.
  • Hello Covered – Hello Covered is an insurance brokerage that provides employees with coverage suited to their specific needs. Unlike typical insurance carriers, they aggregate a variety of offerings from more than 70 carriers to customize insurance plans across home, auto, life and more so employees can get the right coverage at the right price online or over the phone.
  • Kashable – Kashable is a financial technology company that offers a socially responsible financing solution as an employer-sponsored voluntary benefit. Utilizing innovative technology, eligible employees can access low-cost loans as a responsible alternative to high-rate credit cards, predatory lenders, or relying on their retirement savings to bridge short-term financial gaps.
  • Kindly Human – Kindly Human is a top provider of peer-based mental well-being solutions for employers, connecting individuals dealing with everyday life struggles to empathetic, professionally trained peers who share the same experiences and cultural characteristics. With 24/7 preclinical support and on-demand technology, the platform offers members immediate help in the moment of need without the need to navigate a complicated mental health system.
  • Modern Health – Modern Health is a comprehensive global mental health and wellness platform that combines the WHO well-being assessment, self-service wellness kits, a global network of certified coaches, and licensed therapists, all available in a single app. Modern Health empowers employers to lead the charge in acknowledging that mental health is just as important as physical health, destigmatizing the conversation and increasing the accessibility of mental health services for all.
  • Nectar – Nectar is a complete employee recognition/rewards platform for companies looking to boost morale and increase engagement. Nectar uses redeemable digital gift cards, an Amazon integration, on-demand swag, and a peer-to-peer recognition social feed to create great company culture.

Customers who adopt these benefits as part of their compensation packages receive an efficient and streamlined onboarding process, a templated data exchange and an optimized employee shopping experience; all focused on driving engagement and seamless administration. Marketplace solutions are available within the PlanSource shopping experience, allowing employees to easily learn about these new offerings, choose a benefit if a selection is required and prepare to engage and use these available benefits. PlanSource ensures that all offered benefits are communicated through the enrollment experience.

“It is a necessity that employees feel supported through a comprehensive benefit offering. The PlanSource Partner Marketplace allows employers to shift away from a one-size-fits-all benefits approach with a variety of options to suit diverse and multigenerational workforce needs,” said Bradley Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer at PlanSource. Our approach with Marketplace helps employers and brokers narrow down their selections and be introduced to new categories of benefits. We’re excited to further the broker, customer and employee experience with our relevant and unique benefit offerings.”