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Quantum Workplace Releases AI-Powered Smart Summary to Easily Uncover Meaning Behind Open-ended Survey Responses

Company pioneers AI solution to alleviate administrative burden and help HR act on engagement faster.

Quantum Workplace, a leading employee success platform, as well as the leader in data collection for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Programs, announced today the addition of Smart Summary to its Narrative Insights text analytics solution. Smart Summary is powered with generative AI to accelerate and enhance survey comment analysis so organizations can get a sense of what their employees are saying before reading a single comment. The tool provides HR leaders with a summary in real-time – with the added flexibility to edit or regenerate the text.

In addition to comment summarization, Narrative Insights uses neural network data models to identify the sentiment and theme of each comment, further streamlining analysis to easily asses and improve employee satisfaction. Users can also manually modify themes, add custom themes, or update the sentiment within the report.

“HR leaders and managers are tasked with increasing engagement at their organizations. Open-ended employee responses are critical for uncovering meaning and improving the employee experience. But scrolling through thousands of comments and trying to interpret meaning is overwhelming and time-consuming,” Quantum Workplace CEO Greg Harris said. “Smart Summary automates this manual process, synthesizing thousands of comments instantly. Now, leaders and managers can easily get to the root of what is really going on within their teams and create better action plans.”

Over half of U.S. employees say their organizations fail to act on their feedback, according to Quantum Workplace research. The addition of Smart Summary to Narrative Insights reduces the time it takes to analyze survey results so organizations can move the needle on engagement.

With Narrative Insights, HR leaders also have the capability to reach out to survey commenters to gain more context and a deeper understanding of the feedback while still maintaining the employee’s confidentiality. The Keyword Detection tool can be used to actively monitor emerging risks across survey comments and take action before they escalate.

The entire platform is hosted on a secure and trusted cloud service provider with isolated model interaction to ensure data security and privacy.

Narrative Insights integrates into the Quantum Workplace Engagement platform so users can go from survey to action quickly.