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SchooLinks Launches Digital Badging Feature: Connecting Industry Partners to Student Skillsets

SchooLinks, the leading modern college, and career readiness platform, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative new feature, Digital Badging. This powerful addition to SchooLinks’ comprehensive platform will revolutionize how students prepare for their future by visually representing the skills, knowledge, and achievements they have earned through various classroom and work-based learning experiences.

Digital badges are a dynamic and interactive way for students to showcase their accomplishments inside and outside the classroom. By earning badges, students can demonstrate the skillsets that make them competitive in both the workforce and in college applications. Combined with the video resume features in SchooLinks, digital badges allow students to tell their stories beyond a GPA or test scores, opening the door for industry partners to align their needs based on the skills and experiences of students.

SchooLinks recognizes the significance of work-based learning experiences in shaping students’ career trajectories. Industry partners play a pivotal role in providing these opportunities, and SchooLinks’ digital badging feature offers an exciting new avenue for collaboration. Industry partners can now view student badges, comprehensively understanding a student’s accomplishments, skills, and interests. This transparency enables industry partners to make more informed decisions when selecting students for work-based learning placements, internships, or apprenticeships, ensuring the perfect match between student potential and industry needs. As part of SchooLinks’ commitment, future enhancements include the ability for industry partners and companies to grant badges based on students’ experiences – internships, apprenticeships, etc. – with the companies. 

“SchooLinks is committed to empowering students on their journey towards college and career readiness,” said Katie Fang, Founder and CEO of SchooLinks. “With the launch of digital badging, students on the SchooLinks platform not only have the best-in-class toolsets to plan for college & career, but also the most interactive and visual way to showcase their achievements, making them more desirable in the increasingly competitive job market. This addition also  enhances the collaboration between K12 and industry by facilitating deeper alignment around the skills and competencies required in the 21st-century workforce.”

SchooLinks’ digital badging feature is now available, enhancing the platform’s comprehensive suite of tools designed to guide students on their path to success. Students, educators, and industry partners can join forces to ensure a seamless transition from education to the workforce, unlocking countless opportunities for growth and advancement.

SchooLinks is a web-based college and career platform that supports districts nationwide as they implement a comprehensive curriculum and framework to prepare students for the post-secondary pathway of their choice. School staff utilize the solutions within SchooLinks to effectively collaborate across departments, improve processes, and deliver lessons that support students’ post-secondary readiness. A full suite of reports provides real-time, actionable data for school and district leaders to measure student achievement and school staff impact. SchooLinks is dedicated to supporting district goals of expanding opportunities for all students to reach their potential and achieve their post-secondary goals.