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Shiftlab Launches Store Pulse, a Live Retail Performance Dashboard

Pulse will empower retail teams to be more proactive while reducing unseen costs for retailers

Shiftlab, a leading employee scheduling solution for retailers, is proud to announce the release of its real-time performance dashboard, Store Pulse. The new offering is a key component in Shiftlab’s mission to provide organizations and their core leaders with tools and information to maximize the performance of their workforce.

Late store openings can be a significant problem for retail stores, resulting in a negative guest experience and lost revenue. According to Shiftlab’s research, 10% of retail stores open late every day, and the average time to resolve this issue is more than 30 minutes. With Store Pulse, retail field teams can proactively monitor key trends, such as stores opening on time, overtime trends, shift compliance and productivity.

“Store Pulse was created to help retail managers drive action with access to real-time store operations data,” said Devin Shrake, CEO, Shiftlab. “What we’re doing with this real-time data, no one else is doing. We can prompt your district manager within one second that a store is at risk of opening late or notify a manager if a break has been missed. Store Pulse is going to help retail managers be more proactive and save them time and money throughout the day.”

Store Pulse empowers district managers to grab a coffee first thing in the morning and monitor as their stores come online. They can quickly see if a store is late to open or at risk of opening late, and from there, they can identify who is on the schedule to quickly resolve the issue.

Mid-day, managers can access Store Pulse to check on productivity and to ensure team members have taken their scheduled breaks. Missed breaks will be highlighted so that managers can quickly identify and communicate with the corresponding employee. Additionally, at the end of the day, managers can use Store Pulse to check if anyone on the team is trending for overtime and make any necessary adjustments so there are no surprises for payroll.

“We are thrilled to introduce Store Pulse to our clients, which we believe will help them manage their stores more efficiently while enhancing guest experience,” said Devin Shrake, CEO, Shiftlab. “We remain committed to providing the best solutions to help our clients maximize their performance.”