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ShiftPixy Tells Gig Workers “We Fixed Work” with the Launch of Its Cutting-Edge Instant Interview Feature

ShiftPixy, Inc., a Miami-based disruptive worker engagement and management platform, today announced the launch of its game-changing “Instant Interview” feature, resolving a major roadblock to getting workers hired.

This innovative technology allows gig workers to record a short video interview on their phone by answering a few quick questions. The shift manager then sees the gig worker’s profile and video, and says “yes” to the worker who then moves through an AI-driven, very personal experience to start their shift.

The need for speed in the recruitment process has never been more important. According to data, response time is crucial as 52% of job seekers are extremely likely to move forward with the recruitment process if they hear back from the employer within 24 hours. Since virtual interviews can help reduce overall recruitment time by more than 20%, ShiftPixy’s Instant Interview feature optimizes the hiring process, allowing employers to quickly find and hire the right candidates for their needs. The technology has proven to be effective for swiftly moving quality workers to fill open shifts, providing a better, faster, and safer solution for part-time hourly shift work.

“Instant Interview is a feature that we are really excited to bring to market,” said Scott Absher, Co-Founder and CEO of ShiftPixy. “We have been working to automate the traditional friction points that slow a worker’s move from interest in the job, to showing up for work. Getting an interested candidate in front of the hiring manager quickly eliminates process drift and gives the candidate an immediate indication of interest.” Mr. Absher continued, “We have been trying to help our clients who rely on hourly workers to think of this process of getting people on the job like speed dating. This innovative method for screening and clearing a candidate to start a new gig is a game-changer for entry level positions in the staffing industry.”

The modern workforce demands less friction and more flexibility, and with ShiftPixy’s Instant Interview feature, employers can meet their needs where they are. This innovative technology is a key example of how ShiftPixy is leading the way in the on-demand staffing industry, providing solutions that are effective, efficient, and meet the needs of today’s workforce.