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Sinecure’s AI-Powered Talent Discovery Platform Promises Precise Hiring Outcomes

Golden Section is thrilled to announce our recent investment in Sinecure, a talent discovery platform that leverages AI-powered products to deliver highly qualified and diverse candidates for organizations. We led the $2.5 million round with the majority of funding going to enable increased activity in marketing and sales. As a B2B SaaS focused venture capital firm, we’re excited to partner with Sinecure to help transform the recruiting process through their innovative and holistic approach to talent discovery.

What excites us most about Sinecure is their focus on identifying and vetting candidates who possess the exact skills, knowledge, and experience required for a particular job opening. Their machine learning algorithms and analysis of personality traits, work style, and other motivators help to predict performance and career potential. This, in turn, helps organizations to find and retain top talent, driving growth and success well into the future.

We’re looking forward to the launch of Sinecure’s new products in 2023, including career trajectory-based candidate search and their plans to launch FOMO, a marketplace for contract and freelance talent, and new product collaboration software.

As part of our partnership, we’ll be working closely with Sinecure to provide guidance on product development and strategy, drawing on our expertise in early-stage investments and business development. We’re committed to working together with Sinecure’s leadership team and contributing to their mission of improving the recruiting process for all organizations.

We’ll be actively involved in helping Sinecure to realize its vision of disrupting the traditional recruiting process. We’re excited about the journey ahead and look forward to supporting the team every step of the way.