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SkillHero Launches the Largest Online Database of Construction Apprenticeships, Starting with Illinois and Wisconsin

The fastest growing network for skilled tradespeople is making apprenticeships more accessible in an effort to address the skilled labor crisis in America.

SkillHero is proud to announce the launch of ApprenticeConnect, the largest searchable database of construction apprenticeships, currently in Illinois and Wisconsin. ApprenticeConnect allows SkillHero members to easily explore, filter, and apply for apprenticeships that align with their career aspirations.

“University students have support in launching their careers and they know where to go to apply for jobs online. But a high school student or veteran who wants to become a carpenter doesn’t know where to go to get started,” said Quincy Nadel, Chief Operating Officer at SkillHero. “Outside of the university ecosystem, the recruiting pipeline is broken. SkillHero exists to fix that, and with the launch of ApprenticeConnect we’re removing a critical barrier to entry for people looking to launch their career in the skilled trades.”

Apprenticeship opportunities have traditionally been indexed manually, creating physical siloes of outdated information, making it extremely difficult for tradespeople to locate and apply for these opportunities. By digitizing and databasing hundreds of paid learning programs and making them easily searchable, SkillHero is making career opportunities more accessible.

The new database includes over 100 open apprenticeships from both union and non-union organizations. Today, SkillHero members can search for career opportunities across the construction sector, including carpentry, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing and filter apprenticeships based on skills, certifications and geographic location. The database also includes information on salaries, benefits packages, and job requirements for entry into an apprenticeship program. Using their profile information, members can apply directly to apprenticeships with one-click and then track their progress through the candidate process all within the SkillHero application.