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SmartRecruiters Paves the Way for Boundless Recruiting

The company is removing decades-old barriers through its game-changing vision for Hiring Without Boundaries™, introducing a boundless user experience, and empowering HR and TA teams to reach their full potential with the new Hiring Success™ Certification available through SocialTalent.

SmartRecruiters is excited to announce its game-changing vision, Hiring Without Boundaries™, to help Talent Acquisition (TA) teams break free from the limitations of legacy technology.

“At SmartRecruiters, we believe that Hiring Without Boundaries™ is the future of Talent Acquisition,” said Michael DeSimone, CEO of SmartRecruiters. “It’s about helping companies meet people where they are and future-proofing their hiring strategies. This vision has never been more important, and we’re proud to lead the way.”

To deliver on this vision, SmartRecruiters is introducing a boundless user experience for hiring teams, including a seamless integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams. “No one is hanging out in their ATS. We’re excited to help hiring teams harness the power of SmartRecruiters inside of the apps they use every day to communicate and collaborate,” said Jim Milton, SVP of Strategy at SmartRecruiters. “When you Hire Without Boundaries™, you break down barriers to collaboration, make better decisions, and hire faster.”

When it comes to breaking down barriers in hiring, SmartRecruiters is proud to partner with SocialTalent to launch the Hiring Success™ Certification, an exclusive training program designed to equip organizations with the tools, insights, and strategies to achieve boundless Hiring Success™.

The Hiring Success™ Certification combines SmartRecruiters’ TA transformation expertise with SocialTalent’s world-class e-learning platform for hiring and talent management to deliver pure TA gold. The certification program covers everything from people, process, and technology strategies to impact measurement and beyond, providing practical insights and industry-leading strategies for achieving and measuring Hiring Success™.

“At SmartRecruiters, we believe that Hiring Success™ is about more than just great technology. It’s about having a solid people, process, and technology strategy to help teams Hire Without Boundaries™,” said Allyn Bailey, Executive Director of Hiring Success™ at SmartRecruiters. “That’s why we’re excited to offer a first-of-its-kind Certification on the platform, which provides HR and TA professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve boundless Hiring Success™.”

As part of the collaboration, SmartRecruiters is offering its customers free access to the Hiring Success™ Certification on SocialTalent, helping them to accelerate their journey to Hiring Success™.

“We’re committed to providing companies with the most relevant and impactful training in the industry,” said Johnny Campbell, CEO of SocialTalent. “Our partnership with SmartRecruiters to create the Hiring Success™ Certification is a testament to our shared commitment to driving positive change in the industry.”

SmartRecruiters is taking its commitment to Hiring Without Boundaries™ to the next level by announcing the upcoming launch of the Hiring Success™ Consultancy. This partner service offering will complement their recently launched Hiring Success™ Certification in partnership with SocialTalent and provide HR and TA teams with expert guidance and support, including SmartRecruiters’ proprietary Hiring Success™ Business Assessment.

All companies, whether SmartRecruiters customers or not, will soon have the opportunity to access Hiring Success™ Consultation through certified consulting agencies, including Cielo, WilsonHCG, AMS, DTC, Talent International, TQ Solutions, and many others.

“I’m excited that Cielo’s strategic partnership with SmartRecruiters is expanding beyond Cielo TalentCloud and as a strategic implementation partner to include the support to the Hiring Success™ methodology to help organizations deliver exceptional hiring experiences for all,” said Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer at Cielo.

“We’re excited to offer HR and TA teams worldwide access to expert guidance and support that will help them achieve Hiring Without Boundaries™,” said Bailey. “Stay tuned for more updates from SmartRecruiters as to how we will continue to deliver on our vision.”