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Startup Confirm Launches New ChatGPT-Driven Feature that Gives HR Pros Employee Engagement Survey Insights in Minutes

Confirm one of the first to provide GPT-based solutions for enterprise HR pros, with multiple GPT features

 Confirm, the first platform to inject the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) into performance reviews to ensure talent decisions are based on data, launched today a new feature that leverages GPT-4 to give HR pros engagement survey insights in minutes. Confirm will showcase the feature for the first time at the HR tech conference UNLEASH America, taking place Apr 26-27, 2023 in Las Vegas (Booth B215).

Most companies run engagement surveys, intended to gather employee feedback and determine how motivated and engaged they are, 2-4x a year. Confirm’s platform includes the ability to conduct engagement surveys, which typically result in a large amount of data that then needs to be analyzed so that conclusions and insights can be drawn. The analysis can take days or even weeks of full-time work to complete – more at companies that have thousands of employees – and require data skills that most HR pros don’t possess.

As of today, Confirm customers can instead use GPT prompts to instantly gain insights into engagement survey data – for instance:

  • What are the top 5 takeaways from this survey data?
  • Write a 500-word summary of the survey results.
  • What percentage of company employees report being highly motivated?

“Engagement surveys play an important role in employee development and retention, but not every organization is adept at translating survey data into action,” said Confirm co-founder and CEO Josh Merrill. “Having already incorporated GPT into other areas of the Confirm platform, we saw an opportunity to solve this challenge with generative AI. Customers who had early access to this capability have been thrilled with the results.”

One of those customers is QuotaPath, which provides compensation software to revenue teams. “Confirm has transformed the way we do performance reviews and helped us become a more data-driven HR organization,” said Carrie Carroll, Senior Director of People Operations at QuotaPath. “Analyzing engagement surveys has always been a very manual process. It’s a huge time save to be able to have this analysis done for us by Confirm’s ChatGPT tool – especially for delivering more segmented results by team or tenure. Now I can focus our team’s efforts on developing recommendations and initiatives based on the data.”

Confirm’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) approach mirrors how work is done today – in networks vs. strict, top-down hierarchies. With Confirm, all employees can recognize who at their company they turn to for advice and help, and who energizes them, so analysis can spot correlations and trends and identify true top performers. The company’s ONA-based reviews create a fairer playing field by expanding leaders’ visibility of an employee’s impact and ensuring performance decisions are based on larger sets of data rather than only the opinions of a single manager.