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State of Wyoming launches CGI Advantage®

State migrates end-to-end ERP solution to the cloud

CGI today announced a successful implementation in the State of Wyoming of CGI Advantage®, a cloud-based solution that unifies Human Resources, Payroll and Financial Management.

Building on a 34-year partnership, CGI and the State of Wyoming collaborated to deploy a unified solution that streamlines operations across more than 90 agencies while meeting the state’s complex technical and operational requirements. The state’s transformation eliminated 100% of its customizations, redesigned business processes to reduce cost, and increased efficiencies across the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. With their move to SaaS, Wyoming will continually leverage the latest technology without having to manage costly and time-consuming upgrades.

“A business value cannot be placed on the benefits gained from operating financial, payroll, and HR under a unified system this feature is priceless,” said Wyoming State Auditor, Kristi Racines.

“The CGI Advantage Cloud empowers state and local government leaders with affordable and predictable total cost-of-ownership, dedicated support from CGI professionals with deep public sector expertise, and reduced risk through enhanced security and compliance,” said Aleta Jeffress, Senior Vice-President, Consulting Services at CGI. “Along with embedded analytics and a mobile-friendly design, the solution provides a transformed experience for those responsible for the effective management of public resources.”

CGI Advantage is a built-for-government solution featuring a secure, mobile-first design and intuitive user experience. Hosted on the CGI Advantage Cloud, the platform transforms Wyoming’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a modern, comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

CGI Advantage organically meets the state’s requirements, including labor cost distribution, Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) reporting, and cost allocation. A proven solution, CGI Advantage is based on more than 46 years of public sector expertise and is supported by an active client community that values innovation and access to CGI’s global network of experts.