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Strengthen Business Partnerships With AchieveUnite’s New PQi Assessment

AchieveUnite, a company that focuses on partner performance and business transformation, announces its creation of PQi®, a first-of-its-kind, scientifically-verified psychometric assessment that measures how and how well we build trust – the foundation of all partnerships.

Trusting teams are more productive and engaged, which leads to improved business outcomes and a greater return on investment. The PQi® experience helps teams identify their individual partnering tendencies, and follow-up workshops build awareness and support behavior change that accelerates trust in business partnerships, creates unity, and promotes collaboration.

PQi® was developed with researchers at leading business schools at the University of Notre DameArizona State University, and the University of Glasgow. The PQi® experience, rooted in what AchieveUnite calls “the science of partnering trust,” reflects the company’s core theme: to help organizations from start-ups to Fortune 1000s and nonprofits learn how to effectively partner both internally and externally with business partners and clients/customers.

“In this digital, post-COVID era when significant changes are impacting so many companies, building trust – or in some cases rebuilding trust – is critical for business success, and every industry must begin building partnering muscles,” says Theresa Caragol, founder and CEO of AchieveUnite. “That means inside their company and with influencers, business partners, funders, franchises, suppliers, and clients/customers.”

“Learning how to effectively collaborate accelerates company growth, creates more innovation and solutions, develops more engaged teams, and builds company culture. The AchieveUnite PQi® experience can be used by any type or size of organization, and it is a constructive, cohesive way to build partnering trust inside organizations and with clients and partners.”

Caragol says PQi® is a tool that can help solve a variety of business challenges, such as:

  • Cross-functional and company alignment. Building alignment across sales, marketing, engineering, and finance; boosting productivity across functions; driving board alignment and increasing trust; accelerating customer success.
  • Partnership acceleration. Increasing trust with customers, finding prospects; expanding alliances, deepening understanding of partnering needs, increasing responsiveness to partner expectations.
  • M&A Integration success, and organizational culture alignment  Accelerating the pace of change, acquisitions, unity, and team integration and alignment while breaking down barriers.