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Talview Unveils AI-Powered Candidate Authentication Feature on Microsoft Teams for Remote Hiring

Talview, a leading provider of AI-powered hiring solutions, has launched its Candidate Authentication feature for Microsoft Teams. This feature is set to change the remote hiring process, simplifying the recruitment procedure for remote teams and ensuring a high-quality hiring experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the trend of remote work, often making it necessary to conduct end-to-end recruitment processes without meeting candidates in person. However, this convenience has also brought challenges, including a significant increase in the number of impersonation cases. Many organizations get to know about the imposter only once the candidate is on-boarded.

To overcome this challenge, Talview’s Candidate Authentication feature on Microsoft Teams utilizes advanced facial recognition technology and seamlessly integrates with Talview’s online proctoring solution. The feature matches the candidate’s face with their government-issued ID and a base image available in the database, ensuring authenticity of the candidature. The verification occurs at every stage of the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to detect impersonation early on. The app also records the entire interview, which can be reviewed later.

With Talview’s Candidate Authentication feature, recruiters and hiring managers can confidently interview the right candidate while protecting their organization’s reputation by identifying fraudulent candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process. This feature simplifies remote hiring while ensuring secure and compliant recruitment procedures.

“The Candidate Authentication feature on Microsoft Teams is an innovation that reflects Talview’s commitment to ensuring a seamless, secure, and compliant recruitment process for remote teams,” said Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO, and Co-Founder of Talview. “Our integration with Microsoft has helped us to drive innovation, and we will continue to work together to provide hiring teams with the best tools to succeed in a rapidly evolving job market.”

Since 2017, Talview has focused on providing tools that increase collaboration among hiring teams through improved scheduling and selection processes. The integration of Talview’s AI-powered hiring solutions with Microsoft Teams is a significant step forward in the remote hiring process, and the Candidate Authentication feature is another innovation that enhances Talview’s position as a leader in AI-powered hiring solutions.

“Talview’s AI-powered Candidate Authentication feature on Microsoft Teams enhances and makes the process of candidate verification easier, faster, and more accurate. The integration also ensures security and compliance boundaries for recruitment procedures,” said Ben Summers, Director, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing at Microsoft Corp.