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Teleperformance Expands Commitment to Hiring Refugees

Company makes three-year pledge to accelerate the economic integration of Ukrainian refugee women and other refugees

Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business services, today announced its commitment to hire 500 refugees, including Ukrainian refugee women, over the next three years across its Europe operations including in France, Germany, Portugal and the U.K.

The announcement is also part of the Company’s ongoing commitment to hire and integrate refugees across the globe. At the end of last year, Teleperformance employed more than 2,300 refugees worldwide, including more than 1,900 Venezuelan refugees at its Colombia operations. The Company’s longstanding and impactful approach to the economic integration of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia earned it TENT’s Outstanding Leadership in Hiring Refugees award in 2021. It also employs a few hundred refugees across Europe, including displaced people from the Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Congo.

“There are so many thousands of refugees from Ukraine and other countries who wish to work and take care of themselves and their families but who face countless hurdles to employment,” said Clémentine Gauthier-Medina, Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Teleperformance Group. “We’re pleased to expand on our longstanding commitment to refugees to help improve their lives and communities through meaningful employment.”

Teleperformance’s pledge joins those being made recently by dozens of businesses to accelerate economic integration of Ukrainian refugee women and other refuges across Europe in partnership with the Tent Partnership for Refugees (Tent), a global network of companies committed to supporting the economic integration of refugees.

“Ukrainian refugee women face many hurdles when finding jobs – from not knowing the local language to having to juggle childcare responsibilities. Businesses must do more to reduce these barriers, and help these incredible, strong, talented people enter the workforce,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and President of the Tent Partnership for Refugees and CEO and founder of Chobani. “The moment a refugee gets a job is the moment they stop being a refugee. I’m so proud that the companies stepping up today, including Teleperformance, will help Ukrainian women and other refugees across Europe stand on their own two feet, giving them a chance to live lives of dignity.”

With an extensive, global presence in 91 countries, Teleperformance serves as a strategic partner to the world’s largest companies across many industries. Core to the company’s values is a desire to improve people’s lives and pave the way to a better and more equitable tomorrow for all.

Commitment to Impact Sourcing
Teleperformance has long been an intentional employer of people across the globe who have traditionally been excluded from the formal workforce, including refugees and other marginalized minorities, people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, young people without a degree, and people living in poverty. At the end of 2022, approximately 20% of the Company’s employees were Impact employees from minority groups and disadvantaged communities.