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The AI Revolution is Here: Upskill or Become Obsolete – Phoenix Experts Reveal How to Future-Proof Your Career

As artificial intelligence rapidly transforms workplaces, employees across all industries in Phoenix face a stark choice: adapt or fall behind. To help local workers future-proof their careers, Phoenix-based Wise Roots LLC has partnered with WiseBytes.TV and is hosting a live webinar on August 29th at 10 am AZ time titled “The AI-Powered Employee: Upskilling for Job Security in the Age of AI.”

Led by Phoenix expert Dean Batson and the Wise Roots team, this 90-minute session aims to wake up local employees to the urgent need to expand their AI skills. It will provide actionable tips and training for non-technical professionals struggling to keep pace with AI’s growing capabilities and integration into business operations.

“With AI taking over many routine tasks, Phoenix employees without basic AI literacy will quickly make themselves obsolete,” says Dean Batson. “Our goal is to make this webinar a career wake-up call – equipping local employees with the knowledge and tools to be indispensable contributors in an AI-driven future.”

Key topics will include:

  • Real-world examples of how AI is transforming workflows at Phoenix companies.
  • Costly misconceptions Phoenix employees have about AI and automation.
  • Action plans for local workers to build in-demand AI skills rapidly.
  • Resources for continuous education as AI evolves and expands.