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The Grossman Group Looks Inside What Employees Really Want from Work in New eBook

Employee wants and needs have shifted significantly in recent years, making it increasingly difficult for leaders to unlock the keys to attracting, retaining, and engaging employees.

With that knowledge in mind, The Grossman Group a Chicago-based leadership and communications consultancy has developed a new employee persona, reflecting the most common employee sentiments today. Based on positive feedback the agency received from key clients, The Grossman Group is releasing the persona to a wider audience.

The eBook, A Persona for Today’s Employee, outlines five main asks employees have of employers today, including:

  • Understand “my story” and how it impacts my approach to work
  • Provide a work experience that is meaningful, personal, and flexible
  • Support both my physical and emotional well-being
  • Communicate better with me
  • Listen to me

“Whether the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ is still impacting their organization or not, leaders are definitely getting the message that today’s employees want and expect more from their companies than they did even a few years ago,” said David Grossman, founder and CEO of The Grossman Group. “Our persona has helped many leaders better grasp what’s really on the minds of employees today, and we wanted to share it more widely to help other leaders sort through this major challenge of attracting and retaining top talent.”

“Much of the change in employee sentiment started after the pandemic hit, when employees spent more time reflecting on what’s most important to them in work and life. That reflection prompted many employees to ask more of leadership and not be afraid to move on to new opportunities if leaders weren’t responsive,” Grossman said.

The reflection led to the “Great Resignation” of employees searching for new opportunities and more meaningful and rewarding work, while also prompting organizations to rethink how much time and attention they put into attracting and retaining employees.

One of the key themes in the persona is the idea that more employees are looking for a greater sense of purpose in their work. “When employees feel their work matters and that their boss genuinely believes that they matter those employees will be more engaged, producing stronger results for the business. That’s a win-win for everyone,” says Grossman.