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The Josh Bersin Company Unveils Breakthrough AI Solution and “Organizational Ingenuity” at Irresistible 2023

  • Company to introduce its groundbreaking AI solution, The Josh Bersin Company HR Copilot, at Irresistible 2023, transforming the way organizations access a wealth of extensive HR knowledge produced over 25 years

  • “The Post-Industrial Age” and “Systemic HR in the Age of AI” will be core themes, featuring “TED Talk” style learning sessions, panel discussions, mainstage fireside chats, and hands-on workshops

  • Leaders from Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, MetLife, Rivian, Mastercard, Tyson Foods, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and others will showcase the critical attributes organizations need to be “Irresistible” to employees now and in the future

The Josh Bersin Company, the world’s most trusted human capital advisory firm, is today releasing the latest details of its Global HR Leadership conference Irresistible 2023. Scheduled to take place June 20-22, the conference is bringing together more than 450 senior HR executives at the University of Southern California to discuss the future of work, the labor shortage, organizational culture, and the emerging role of artificial intelligence (AI)–a prominent theme for this year’s flagship event.

In a keynote speech, CEO Josh Bersin will discuss the rapid shift in leadership strategies as companies move to the “post-industrial age,” a time of labor shortages, industry transformation, and a completely new model of work. His keynote highlights the new role of HR in creating “organizational ingenuity” as workers become “superpowered” by AI, and the best practices exemplified by “Pacesetter” organizations in this time of widespread industry convergence.

The Josh Bersin Company will also preview its revolutionary AI system, The Josh Bersin Company HR Copilot. This large language model-powered super search will evolve to access and analyze more than 50,000 pages of research, 1,000+ blogs, extensive podcasts, as well as the Company’s vast research library of case studies, vendor information, labor market insights, and economic data. The advisory firm will demonstrate the educational use cases of the solution to attendees and make it available to Corporate Members in the future. The HR Copilot will bring together search, accurate and detailed answers, exclusive research materials, and professional development opportunities into one, easy “walk up and use” experience to make decades of world-class content Josh Bersin and team have produced more accessible. The technology, which leverages ChatGPT, offers a unique professional development approach to talent leaders and practitioners, and reflects an innovative use of cutting-edge AI technology in the HR space.

Conference sessions by senior leaders at Nvidia, Microsoft, Rivian, MetLife, USAA, Shell, Mastercard, and other industry leaders, will share their valuable insights on navigating the post-pandemic landscape, including skills-based hiring in sectors such as healthcare. These sessions delve into topics such as capability academies, fostering a multi-generational culture, promoting internal mobility, exploring innovative models of leadership, and utilization of AI.

Keynote and major session highlights include:

  • Tracey Franklin, Chief Human Resources Officer, Moderna
  • Michael Fraccaro, Chief People Officer, Mastercard
  • Francis Hyatt, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Michael Ehret, Head of Global Talent Management, Johnson & Johnson
  • Caryn McGarry, CHRO, ICF
  • Elizabeth Adefioye, Chief People Officer, Emerson
  • Susan Podlogar, CHRO, MetLife
  • Tamla Oates-Forney, CHRO & Executive VP, Human Resources, USAA
  • Helen Russell, CHRO, Rivian
  • Johanna Söderström, EVP Chief People Officer, Tyson Foods
  • William Swartout, CTO, USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

Hosted in partnership with USC Marshall School of Business Executive Education, Irresistible 2023 will feature four hands-on conference tracks and 20 individual breakout sessions, providing the opportunity for event participants to discover the latest thinking and emerging practice linked to:

  • Redesigning Work for the Future–including a panel discussion on Building the Adaptive Organization
  • Retaining and Engaging Talent–including sessions on Strategies for Success in Today’s Uncertain Labor Market and a panel discussion on Complex Culture Challenges
  • Building a Skills-Centric Enterprise–including a client panel discussion on Skills Strategies in Action
  • Leading a Systemic HR Organization–including a panel and special working session on Next Generation AI: Reinventing Productivity & Engagement.

The Josh Bersin Company will also introduce its new research “Understanding AI in HR: A Deep Dive,” which describes the evolution of AI in HR technology and discusses the three models of AI in the vendor landscape. The company will also discuss its new Pacesetter research, which describes the talent and organizational practices of top-performing companies in healthcare, consumer banking, and consumer packaged goods. The advisory firm will also preview its new Irresistible Leadership research, built on the principles of Josh Bersin’s new book, Irresistible: The Seven Secrets Of The World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations.

Details of the full program can be found here.

Josh Bersin, global HR research analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, said:

“This year’s Irresistible event features an outstanding lineup of speakers who will bring fresh perspectives on the most crucial HR and talent management challenges we are facing in the modern era. The event will explore themes around systemic HR, and AI, and how HR, talent and leadership must adapt to the new post-industrial world all themes which will resonate deeply with attendees. It promises to be the ultimate HR networking and educational event, offering attendees the tools and strategies to do better business by engaging with their people differently and more effectively.”