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ThisWay Global Announces Groundbreaking Universal Integration Platform (UIP) for HR Tech Vendors

UIP Streamlines Communication and Workflows for Employers

ThisWay Global, the leader in bias removal and talent acquisition sourcing technology, is proud to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated Universal Integration Platform (UIP). UIP is a cloud-based module of ThisWay Global that enables HR tech vendors to seamlessly integrate their products and services, providing employers with a unified platform to manage their HR tech stack.

“UIP is a game-changer for the HR tech industry,” said ThisWay Global CEO Angela Hood. “It eliminates the need for complex and costly integrations, making it easier for employers to adopt the best-in-class HR tech solutions. UIP is the future of HR tech integration.”

Best-in-Class HR Tech Vendor Integration at Your Fingertips
ThisWay Global’s UIP is built on a standards-based architecture, running in the cloud or on-prem, making it easy for HR tech vendors to connect to the platform. This seamless integration will revolutionize how HR professionals manage their work, saving time and increasing productivity and access to a broader range of innovative technologies. The platform includes several features that make it easy for employers to manage their HR tech stack, such as:

  • Automated and Quick Connection: UIP enables single sign-on (SSO) for instant and seamless integration of multiple HR tech applications, ensuring employers can access their full suite of HR tools instantly. NO external connectors are required as standard smart ports are built-in. 

  • Universal Connectivity: Achieve easy and universal access to the most efficient HR tech solutions by connecting them directly through the UIP platform. This connectivity ensures smooth communication and workflows between all HR technologies on UIP.

  • Collaborative Solutions: By bringing together the best-in-class HR tech vendors, UIP aims to provide an all-encompassing solution for all HR management needs, significantly simplifying how HR professionals navigate and achieve results using their tech stack.

ThisWay Global’s UIP is designed to revolutionize the HR tech industry, creating a unified platform where multiple HR tech solutions can work together seamlessly to streamline workflows and improve communication for HR professionals.